Junon's Parade FF7 Rebirth: Where to find all the foot soldiers in Chapter 4, what is the best formation?

Junon's Parade FF7 Rebirth: Where to find all the foot soldiers in Chapter 4, what is the best formation?

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Junon's Parade FF7 Rebirth: Where to find all the foot soldiers in Chapter 4, what is the best formation?

An iconic sequence from 1997's FF7, Juno's parade is beautifully revisited in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, with a city quest sequence and formation selection for your performance. This is the position of all groups of soldiers

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The Juno Parade sequence has been heavily modified in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, compared to the 1997 game. After donning the Shinra costume, your boss will ask you to gather all the troops for the President's grand presidential parade. The goal of this second part of Act 4: to impress Rufus with a show that will excite the audience like never before. Find out where to find all the soldiers scattered around the city and what training to apply to try to get the maximum number of points in the rhythm mini-game.

Where do you find all the soldiers in the Juno parade?

We'll go in order, starting with The main street, then the shops outside, and ending with the buildings inside the mall. Please note: If you are not interested in the best reward on offer, you can start the event after finding 5 combinations.

  • A group of soldiers looking at the cannon from The small path that runs along the edge of town.
  • Soldiers take pictures of themselves Next to the Rufus cardboard on the street.
  • Right upon entering the armory From the city, two soldiers look at models of the Juno cannon.
  • On the second floor of a large shopping mallWhere is the Mughniyah Library located? A soldier tries to find a gift for his girlfriend.
  • On the second floor of Junon Sud barracksA group of soldiers are being interrogated by a journalist.
  • On the top floor of the barracksA group of soldiers getting ready.
  • And now that I was at the end of the street, Enter the gallery and then head straight into Le Sourire Bar, and go up the stairs to the northeast. A group of soldiers quietly having a drink.
  • Go through the entire gallery to the Glabrescent Bara group of soldiers inside, we leave you to savor this beautiful tribute to baldness.
  • We return to the exhibition's shopping street in the other direction this time. Starting from the material storeWhere there are two soldiers.
  • And the last group of shopping arcade is In the basement of the Junon Sud branchin the exhibition building adjacent to the barracks.
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What formation should be chosen for a Juno parade?

To impress Rufus and try to get the most points during the show, You will have to form two pairs of similar troops to increase the level of each formation. It is not easy to understand at first, but eventually it becomes very simple after taking a look at the different indicators in the menu. If you want the perfect formation, you'll need to position your soldiers as follows:

All you have to do is perform like a beast in the three rhythm games that will follow, good luck!

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