Julian Dinormandy breaks the green wing

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In less than a year, Julian Dinormandy went to the fore to reuse an insecticide harmful to bees, defend meat in the canteen, and tirelessly salute farmers who “feed the people”. The Minister of Agriculture makes a strong impression in the profession. Less among environmentalists.

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sThrowed out of housing to farming in July 2020, this close friend of Emmanuel Macron quickly donned a costume Defender of 450,000 French farmersSeldom miss an opportunity to remember he’s an agronomist by training.

“His trademark is that it combines those who are not in it A diminishing view of agriculture », Describes to AFP Dominique Chargi, head of Agricultural Cooperation, which represents 2,300 French cooperatives. With a “sacred will,” he said, the minister repeated the “rational” approach to agricultural issues that were “dictated by the collective feelings of the citizen.”

As of summer 2020, J. Denormandie has committed to the Framed return to neonicotinoid insecticides “Bee killer” in sugar beet fields, to counter the virus vector that threatens production. Arno Russo, the Federation’s First Vice President, believes it is his “founding work” as a minister. The Ile-de-France cereal producer salutes the “courage” of Guy Dinormande when it was “not politically correct” to rescind the ban imposed by Barbara Pompili, Minister for Environmental Transformation in 2016.

And so the minister alienated environmental activists. In particular, it presents itself as a “strong advocate” of new technologies that allow genome modification of plants (NBT or “new breeding techniques”), which are producing “new GMOs” according to its critics. Or, he described in February the Lyon municipality’s decision to distribute meatless menus in the canteens as a “shame.”

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Like many of his predecessors, rue de Varennes, Julian Dinormandy has also been criticized for a form of “co-management” with the majority FNSEA agricultural association.

Defends his “vision”

Group “Pour une autre Pac” is alarmed by upcoming judging over a distribution Future European agricultural subsidies. Matteo Corgo, head of this collective farmer and dairy farmer believes: “He receives a certain portion of FNSEA very regularly, and he is the most radical and conservative party, which does not want to change anything in the CAP.” “I am disappointed,” sums up Nicholas Giraud, spokesperson for Confédération paysanne, the third agricultural association, which opposes intensive farming. When he arrived, “we felt that he was open, listening there, I find that all of his words are words [la présidente de la FNSEA] Christian Lambert ».

Jura’s breeder notices some enthusiasm on social networks: “We read“ Finally a minister who defends us, and finally a minister who understands us, ”but he is locking us into a model that does not work. Organizations are also upset about the upcoming launch of “Varenne of Water and Climate Change Adaptation”, under the jurisdiction of the Barbara Pompili Ministry. Julian Dinormandy intends, according to his cabinet, to “take back control” of the matter in a “pragmatic and impartial” manner. Without hiding the secret of his desire to simplify the building Water tanks for irrigationWhich has become a symbolic struggle between farmers and environmentalists. “We are already trying to destabilize” as a result of “pressure from part of the agricultural world,” according to Florence-Denier Pasquier, vice president of the natural environment in France.

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In the Ministry of Environmental Transformation (MTE) it was stated that “at the end of the day, no decree can be signed without MTE, which is responsible for water”. Julien Denormandie “is the first to say that we should not be against agriculture and the environment, but seems to be trying to dig a hole himself when current issues lead us to work side by side,” says Suzanne Daly, agricultural activist in Greenpeace France.

“Very attentive to each other,” says Julian Dinormandy, responding to himself with “political vision.” [qu’il] Give this ministry, “which is“ not at all as some seek to caricature it. ”I do what I think is appropriate for our country. I am fighting for a strong cultivation, “he adds to France-Presse, stressing the desire to” leave situations and include reason and science in all these discussions. “And he insists:” Sometimes you have to accept that transformations take time, because nature is complex, because there is no Manichean solution. White or black, good or bad. “

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