Jordan: Prince Hamzah bin Hussein does not want to be subject to house arrest

Jordan: Prince Hamzah bin Hussein does not want to be subject to house arrest

in a Jordan It is currently in circulation Rumors of a coup attemptIt is said that Hamsa bin Hussein acted against his half-brother, King Abdullah II. Therefore, he was placed under house arrest by the army on Saturday, as he whispered himself.

In the dispute, Hamsa is now declaring resistance to his restrictions. “I definitely will not obey if someone tells me that I am not allowed to go out, tweet or communicate with people, and that I can only meet my family,” he said in an audio recording distributed by opposition officials on Monday. . He does not consider Hamas a direct threat to Abdullah, who relies on a security apparatus loyal to him. But he maintains contacts with government critics of the population.

Whisper competed in one of The BBC has published a videoTo get involved in a plot. He was not part of a conspiracy, nor was he responsible for the “breakdown of governance, corruption and incompetence” in the leadership of the country.

A Jordanian analyst, who declined to be named for security reasons, told AFP that Hamsa “intensified his criticism in recent months of what he described as corruption within the government in front of his friends.” The 41-year-old is “definitely resentful” about the palace because he never got over losing his title as crown prince.

He lost the crown prince title

Queen Noor, Hamsa’s mother, had one on Twitter Bad slander books. She married King Hussein in 1978 and made their son Hamsa for the throne. After Hussein’s death in 1999, his eldest son Abdullah became king. Initially, Abdullah II had followed his father’s wish and appointed his half-brother Hamsa as crown prince, but rescinded it in 2004, instead awarding the title to himself, his then eight-year-old son, Hussain.

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The monarchy is by far one of the most stable countries in the Middle East. Jordan is an important point of contact for European countries and a major ally of the United States in the region. The United States and other countries sided with Abdullah on Sunday.

The government and the military, suddenly, whispered publicly warned Sunday to refrain from actions that endanger Jordan’s security and stability. Whisper work with foreign forces. The army said it had arrested a number of influential people.

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