Jonathan Wisniewski is without tongue in cheek in Racing 92!

Jonathan Wisniewski is without tongue in cheek in Racing 92!

You know it: Racing 92 lost Scottish international fly-half Finn Russell at the end of last season.

The latter refused to extend his contract with the Ile-de-France club and preferred England.

He signed for Bath on a very lucrative contract.

Having been interested in Mathieu Jalibert, Racing 92 finally decided to trust Antoine Guibert and Tristan Tedder.

No foreign opener came to strengthen the Ile-de-France group as one might have once thought.

However, Racing 92 specializes in foreign reinforcements at the fly-half position. We remember: Juan Martin Hernandez (2010-2014), Johnny Sexton (2013-2015), Dan Carter (2015-2018), Pat Lambie (2017-2019), Finn Russell (2018-2023) or even François Stellon and Johan Goossen. They wore All Francilien shirt.

And let’s not forget that Lorenzetti missed Jonny Wilkinson before his arrival at Toulon.

I asked via the teamformer fly-half Jonathan Wisniewski explains that he never understood Racing 92’s policy on the fly-half position.

He did not understand why the Ile-de-France club was always looking for a foreign star for the position. Extracts:

The latter agrees with him today: “On the one hand, I understand the benefit of having someone who masters this position in important matches.” On the other hand, the principle of ‘you need a Sudaf, you need a NZD in 10’, has not always been relevant, in racing or elsewhere. I asked myself if I was reliable. It took coach Marc Levremont calling me on tour with the Blues for Jackie to summon me into his office and extend my contract for three seasons.

It was still difficult because every four mornings I opened the newspaper and read that Machin was in touch to inform Truc of his arrival. The fact that Racing have not reached a financial agreement to extend Russell could be a turning point. Stuart Lancaster (Director of Racing) is similar to Ugo Molla (Director of Toulouse): the system of play is more important than individuality. Fred Michalak (attack coach) also arrives at Racing. They are open, they want to see. And then Lancaster have just lost two European Cup finals while having a top 10 in the world (Sexton). »

He found it interesting that Racing 92 decided to build around Tristan Tedder and Antoine Guibert. Extracts:

“Racing’s recruitment priority was not the 10th position. They took Toisova (centre), Kolisi (third row), Lakliat (right column), Rowlands (second row); and the following year, they took Bamba (right column) and Taofifinoa ( »

Recently, several names of foreign stars in Race 92 have been circulated, including George Ford, Marcus Smith, and Manny Leboc.

In the end, none of these three players ended up at Racing.

Antoine Guibert would rather laugh about it. Extracts:

“It’s always like that in motor racing; in the end, they’re not there. I knew I was in an exclusive club compared to the top 10. There have always been big names in that position here, but as a result, I’ve had the opportunity to learn with them. To be inspired by Dan’s calm Carter. Remy Thales took me under his wing, said François Trinh Duc. They helped me with the mental approach. With Vin, we had a great relationship, like a big brother.

The next step for me is to take responsibility in big matches. Finally, I feel ready to receive the keys to the truck, with Tristan and Martin Meliandi, who is young (21) and very good. Between me and Tristan, there is no No. 1 and No. 2. He can play as a full-back, and I can help at No. 9. It’s up to us to show our bosses that there is no need to recruit 10 more. I’ve never had so many players. Good cards in my hand. »

Jonathan Wisniewski concludes by saying that he is a big fan of Antoine Guibert. Extracts:

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“Gebert, I really like it. He plays well around him, has very good feet, takes the initiative, and reminds me of Thomas Ramos. Every time, you feel like he’s going to hit the roof and go through it.”

Antoine Guibert will also start against Rugby Club Toulonnais, on Sunday evening at Stade Mayol.

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