Joe Biden wants to recruit Europe against China

Joe Biden wants to recruit Europe against China

Deflation – On his arrival Thursday in England, the US president wants to repair the transatlantic relationship with China.

Washington reporter

Biden excels at calling his allies. The first trip of an American president always has a symbolic dimension, and Joe Biden’s European tour is no exception. Choosing the Old Continent as the destination for his first official trip as president, Biden intends to repair the damaged traditional relationship Across “man beforeAs he often calls his predecessor.

But the goals of the new US president go beyond the comfort of European allies, and Biden has very concrete intentions towards them.

Four years after Donald Trump, who has made no secret of his disinterest in America’s traditional partners and willingly expressed his distaste for the European Union and NATO, but also a polite distance from Barack Obama, Biden intends to remake an alliance. democracies, on which he intends to build his diplomacy.

In this time of global uncertainty,

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