Joe Biden says he is "ready" for a nuclear test in North Korea and sends a message to Kim Jong Un

Joe Biden says he is “ready” for a nuclear test in North Korea and sends a message to Kim Jong Un

From Seoul, the US president wanted to announce that Washington remained open to dialogue with North Korea.

US President Joe Biden said in Seoul on Sunday:Preparationto a possible nuclear test by North Korea, but it reiterated its openness to dialogue with an individual letter to Kim Jong Un, shortly before his departure for Japan. “We are ready for anything North Korea can doHe said to himselfnot worriedIn the face of a possible nuclear test.

When asked by a journalist who asked him if he had a message for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the president replied curtly:good morning. intervalA way to announce that Washington remains open to dialogue with North Korea, even in the absence of reciprocity. Talks with Pyongyang have stalled since the failed summit in 2019 between Kim and then US President Donald Trump.

Confrontation “nuclear attack»

Joe Biden left South Korea early Sunday afternoon for Japan, another great US ally in the region and the second leg of his first tour in Asia as president. In Seoul, he met his counterpart Yoon Seok Yeol, a pro-American conservative who came to power in early May. The two heads of state talked about intensifying their joint military maneuvers to confrontsword soundsby Kim Jong Un.

President Yun also referred to the deployment of US forces in his country.Strategic means” To face “nuclear attack“. These means must includeFighter planes and missiles unlike in the past when we were only thinking of the nuclear umbrella of deterrence“, Locate.

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Any deployment of such weapons, or any intensification of joint military exercises, would anger Pyongyang, which views the exercises as rehearsals for an invasion.

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