Joe Biden believes the US is "ready" to deal with the Omicron variant

Joe Biden believes the US is “ready” to deal with the Omicron variant

Joe Biden confirmed, Tuesday, December 21, that the United States was “ready” You encounter an Omicron variable that rises, and repeats that there is no reason for it “panic”, at least for vaccinated Americans. “We all need to worry about Omicron”, bone ‘We shouldn’t panic’, the US President said during a speech dedicated to the new variant, adding: “We are not back in March 2020. We are ready.”

And so I quote ‘Three big differences’ With the onset of the pandemic: primarily vaccines, but also the abundance of personal protective equipment for caregivers who have to deal with the influx of unvaccinated people in hospitals, and finally the accumulated knowledge about this virus.

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However, Joe Biden was careful to warn those who had not been fully vaccinated, saying that they had been vaccinated. ‘Good cause for concern’ And it was them “National duty” for vaccination. “Those who decide not to get the vaccine are responsible for their own choices, but those choices are fueled by misinformation on television and social media.”, like he said.

Thus, the US President denounced this behavior ” not polite “ For some companies making profits by allowing lies to spread Who can kill his clients?.

“We are always in the middle of it”

The White House had earlier clarified the US president’s strategy: tests, boosting vaccination capabilities, and additional means for hospitals, but there are no new restrictions before Christmas. Long queues stretched at the start of the week in front of testing centers across the United States. “It is not necessary to confine our schools or our economy”A senior White House official reassured.

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The authorities will distribute 500 million free examinations and mobilize 1,000 doctors, nurses and members of the army’s medical staff. The United States will also provide more than half a billion dollars in additional assistance to international organizations to combat Covid-19 in the face of the Omicron outbreak.

This new variant represented 73.2% of new Covid-19 infections last week in the United States. “I don’t think anyone expected this to spread so quickly.”Joe Biden said in his remarks Tuesday.

The US President also said “Considered” Travel restrictions lifted for eight African countries, with Omicron now spread worldwide. Finally:

“I know you are tired. (…) I know you are frustrated. We all want this to end but we are still in the middle of it. “

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