Joe Biden admits the Armenian Genocide, first to the President of the United States

Joe Biden admits the Armenian Genocide, first to the President of the United States

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. The Democratic President admitted, in an official declaration, on Saturday, April 24, that the massacres and deportations committed by the Ottomans since 1915, during World War I, against the Armenian population amounted to genocide. “On this day every year, we remember the souls of all those who perished in the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman era and pledge once again to prevent such atrocities from happening again.”The President said in a statement released at noon USA time (6 pm in Paris). “We are not blaming this, but to make sure that what happened will not happen again.”

Let us renew our common resolve to prevent future atrocities around the world. And let us seek healing and reconciliation for all peoples of the world. The American people honor all Armenians who died in the genocide that began 166 years ago today. “

American presidents have always avoided this official recognition in order not to upset their NATO ally. Ronald Reagan had on April 22, 1981 indicated Armenian genocide, That claimed more than 1.5 million lives, but it was a crack in an advertisement commemorating the Nazi death camps. Barack Obama admitted this in his campaign statements, but he did not do so as president during the celebration of the centenary of the massacres in 2015. About thirty countries, including France, Germany and Russia, have recognized the genocide, according to the Armenian National Institute in Washington.

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The President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, responded on Saturday by accusing him ‘Levels’ To interfere in the affairs of his country. “No one is taking advantage of the fact that the debates – which historians should hold – are politicized by third parties and become a tool for interference in our country.”He said in a letter addressed to the Armenian Patriarch in Istanbul.

According to the American press, on Friday, Mr. Biden warned Mr. Erdogan of his highly anticipated move. The matter did not appear in the minutes of the meeting between the two men, the first since Mr. Biden took office in January.

De-stress with Turkey in advance

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