JO-2022: Kamila Valeeva, The Calm Among the Storms?

JO-2022: Kamila Valeeva, The Calm Among the Storms?

Once again in light of the competition for Camila Valeeva on Tuesday: in the time of her short program, the Russian prodigy will (maybe) be able to ignore the resounding doping issue that has plagued the 2022 Olympics and should accompany her for many years. long months.

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If the individual figure skating event program is respected, Valeeva, 15, will enter the ice precisely at 9:52 pm local time (2:52 pm in French) for the most important competition of her dazzling and now controversial career.

The 2022 European champion is still the hot favorite for Olympic gold, even though she has just gone through a week of crisis that could fracture older and more experienced skaters.

While Russian and international sports bodies were torn apart by his positive doping control of trimetazidine, student Eteri Tutberidze continued to train normally, without showing any sign of fever.

However, she told Russian television, crying, that she was “emotionally tired”: “These are tears of joy, but perhaps also tears of sadness.”

Today, Monday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), without deciding on the merits of the case, confirmed the lifting of the temporary suspension decided by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RSADA), and therefore gave the green light because it is continuing. Her 2022 Olympics where she already won the team competition.

Not a state system

But it has not yet finished the proceedings and hearings that will resume after the Games. The IOC also took this into account: if it were to finish in the top three Thursday night in the free program, there would be no medal ceremony, as long as a decision on positive anti-doping control results. The test will not be taken.

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During its daily press conference, the IOC indicated that the teenager’s entourage would be the subject of an investigation: “You can imagine a 15-year-old girl doing something reprehensible on her own initiative.” Dennis Oswald, a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Dennis Oswald, responsible for the investigation committee after the 2014 Olympics scandal in Sochi, refused to make a comparison between Sochi and Beijing: “We must not forget that this is the only case of these Games (…) the first impression and declared that we do not face a state doping regime , organized by many athletes and by many organizations.

Meanwhile, Valeeva, still unbeaten in her first winter in seniors, her main competitors will have training partners: Anna Shcherbakova, world champion, and Alexandra Trusova, world and European medalist, both 17-year-olds. Jump specialists.

jojia silver

The first of the nine titles awarded on Tuesday in figure skating, as in 2018, returned Austrian Anna Jacir with 95.50 points on her third and final attempt, ahead of New Zealander Zoe Sadowsky Sinnott (93.25 points), sacred in the downhill, and Japan’s Kokomo Moras (91.50). Point).

For the second part of the Olympic trilogy, Elaine Jo won a second medal, this time silver. The Chinese star at the 2022 Olympics, the Chinese star at the 2022 Olympics, has overtaken Switzerland’s Mathilde Grimaud with 86.56 points while Estonia’s Kelly Seldaro is third.And (82.06 points)

Among other highlights, Switzerland’s Corinne Suter won the women’s downhill disqualifying 16/100And Italian Sofia Goggia suffers from resounding weakness, less than a month after spraining her left knee.

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