"Jimmy Sisters" at the Espace Triolon in Bruges

“Jimmy Sisters” at the Espace Triolon in Bruges

Jimmy and his sisters It is the third show for young audiences of Louise Company. Three sisters, Regina, Stella and a princess, live in a house in the middle of the woods. They thrive in their brotherly complicity. One day their father prevented them from going to school.

introductory tale

What if, to protect them, we prevented women from going unaccompanied? What if we separated men from women? What if, in a family with three daughters, to go out shopping, one of the girls, the younger princess, disguised herself as a boy, became a boy for the others and became Jimmy Fisher? What if the princess fell in love with being Jimmy Fisher and with his freedom? How will the other two sisters, Regina and Stella, find their place?

Boys become wolves

It is said that wolves are breeding abroad, and that they have begun to invade the city. Sometimes you can hear their screeching and hoarse voices from a distance. Rumor has it that boys and men became these wolves. The suspense and humor will be on the date of this show asking where little girls are in shows for younger audiences. Ludo-Médiathèque presents several actions on the topic of equality between girls and boys. to me Espace Triolon in Bruges, Friday, November 26 at 8:00 pm. Starting: Odile Grosset Grange. With Blanche Leleu, Camille Voitellier and Emmanuelle Wion.

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