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During Sony’s presentation of CES 2022, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan revealed it PlayStation tournaments will arrive on PS5 in 2022. This is a new version of the competition already available on PS4.

Originally announced in 2016 for PS4, PlayStation Championships A set of events created in collaboration with ESL – the esports organizer – that allow players to play specific games in a competitive format, with the potential to win PlayStation prizes. Features have expanded over time: Support for games and competition formats has been increased.

Jim Ryan al CES 2022 presents PlayStation tournaments for every PS5

Jim Ryan did not provide details on the new PlayStation tournaments per PS5, but it sure would be an evolution of that for PS4. Additionally, in July, Sony filed a patent for an online tournament integration feature for the PS5, which will allow PlayStation Network to create groups, rather than requiring competitive tournament features for the games themselves. This may allow more games to be part of PlayStation tournaments.

Given that PlayStation tournaments will arrive on PS5 in 2022, we assume that over the next few months we’ll have the opportunity to find out more information.

Also at CES 2022, Sony introduced the PlayStation VR2, which will support Foveated Rendering technology: Here’s what it is and how it works.

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