Jim Jordan, an ally of Donald Trump, will not be “president,” and Congress remains paralyzed

Jim Jordan, an ally of Donald Trump, will not be “president,” and Congress remains paralyzed

The House of Representatives is still without a speaker and is plunged into further confusion on Friday, October 20. Due to not having enough votes, Jim Jordan, the majority candidate, was expelled by his party. This is the second Republican candidate to fail to gather this divided majority and completely paralyze the US Congress.

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With our correspondent in Miami, David Thompson

After three rounds of voting and three successive failures, including the final round on Friday, October 20, Jim Jordan He failed to obtain the 217 votes needed for membership in the House of Representatives.

Twenty-five elected officials from the majority oppose his nomination. It was therefore mathematically impossible for this hard-line Trump candidate to reach the “speaker” label. The Republican Party, deeply divided between its hardline wing and more moderate elected officials, is unable to get along.

After this third failure, this deadlocked majority met behind closed doors and voted to expel Jim Jordan. So Donald Trump’s man in the House of Representatives is no longer a candidate. This is the second time this scenario has occurred after Steve Scalise, the first unsuccessful Republican nominee.

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At this point, the blockage is complete. There is no solution in sight. Any new candidate must announce themselves by Sunday, October 22. They will plead their case behind closed doors, in front of the majority, to be appointed.

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The vote will be announced on Tuesday 24 October, or perhaps Wednesday 25. This will therefore be 20 days without a “speaker”; 20 days of paralysis in the US Congress, which cannot pass any law amid an international crisis. Therefore it is impossible to vote Military aid requested by President Joe Biden For Ukraine and Israel.

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