Jeff Bezos surpasses Elon Musk to become the richest person in the world again

Jeff Bezos surpasses Elon Musk to become the richest person in the world again

Musk lost about $ 4.5 billion Tuesday after Tesla (TSLA) Shares fell 2.4%, which was enough to put it second on the stock list Bloomberg Billionaires Index rating. Bezos’ net worth also decreased with the broader stock market losing slightly – but his loss was not severe, totaling about $ 372 million. That was enough to regain the title he had held for three years.

The index currently indicates that Bezos is valued at $ 191 billion, compared to $ 190 billion for Mask.

Musk’s rise to number one occurred in early January, when Tesla’s stock was skyrocketing. The value of the 170 million shares in Tesla it already owns increased by $ 106 billion over the course of 2020, with shares up 743% over the year. Tesla CEO too The fires were lit during the madness of the merchants That sent GameStop (GME) The stocks exploded (and later disintegrated).
Bezos’s 2020 has been fairly strong as well. The Amazon CEO’s stake in the company increased by $ 75 billion in 2020, to $ 173.3 billion, given the massive increase in sales led by the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier this month, it was announced Step down as CEO He will move to the CEO role later this year.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates remains the third-richest person in the world with $ 137 billion.

Chris Isidore of CNN Business contributed to this report.

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