Jeep is willing to drop the Cherokee name, says the CEO

Jeep is willing to drop the Cherokee name, says the CEO

CEO of pocketThe Cherokee owner said he’s open to dropping the Cherokee name after recent criticism from the Native American tribe leadership.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of the recently formed Stellantis NV, said the company was in business Conversation with the Cherokee Nation about their use of the name. Jeep has two models, the Cherokee compact SUV and the larger Grand Cherokee, that it sells in the United States and abroad.

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When asked in an interview whether he would be willing to change the name of the Jeep Cherokee if pressed to do so, Mr. Tavares said, “We are ready to go to whatever point, up to the point where we decide with the right people and without intermediaries.”

Tavares said: “At this point, I do not know if there is a real problem. But if there is a problem, well, of course, we will solve it,” adding that he did not personally participate in the talks. .

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The Cherokee name controversy is among the issues facing Mr. Tavares, who took control of Stellantis when it was formed earlier this year from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Peugeot-maker PSA.

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