Jean Trillo guest memory of Bordeaux

Jean Trillo guest memory of Bordeaux

2023 in Bordeaux will be festive and sporty with the return of the Tour de France and five matches of the Rugby World Cup, so it was on board the Marco Polo at the suggestion of Franck Gouen the memory of Bordeaux welcomed Jean Trillo, former CAB rugby international now UBB

Among the Trillos, rugby is hereditary because after a father and a son, a grandson is one of the nuggets of the future that the Bordeaux club spawns. Grandpa remains a wonderful story teller of his own, who considers him lucky that he didn’t always do what he wanted, he considers that he never worked, although he is a physical education teacher, a sports teacher we said at the time. Born in a condom, spent his youth running.”Sport is my life and when I ran I was happy“And he is still somewhere young because at the age of 78 he continues to run every day despite his back pain. Of course those under 50 are entitled to wonder who is Jean Trillo who today belongs to the history of French rugby and who made the pinnacle of Béglais and French rugby at the time it was Rugby is seen as a game of avoidance and speed and intuition were the basis of this game. Gachacin would have done in rugby today, he replies” He would find a solution“Because at that time there was no really imposed rugby and players from Filbroux to Lux via Claude d’Orth (Camel) brought their claws or rather their sense of the game, their vision and their legs. The late Jean-Pierre Lux, then a dental student at Bordeaux, told his university team partners”My legs are on the ground, they take me where I wantRugby favored at the time avoidance, speed of running and substitution, that French flair described by the English. Jean Trillo, not only an international with 28 selections, in his own words having turned down a few other selections, Joe Massu is his best partner in the middle in a team France “We didn’t need to talk to each other, we saw the same thing on the fieldWhile he wanted us to give his team-mate the best possible pass, André Boniface wanted it to be smooth, and we are far from that philosophy today where centers are more often than not the safeties of the ball.

Jean Trillo interviewed Gérard Berlet

The story of the 1969 final against Stade Toulousin is wonderfully told Jerome Prevot The text is found on the net by clicking on the author’s name. Jan Trillo acknowledges “on n’avait pas les joueurs pour être champions de France, on avait perdu la finale de 1967 contre Montauban and on était en survie mais la volonté, l’engagement, la solidarité et les moteurs de mobilette qu’il y avait dans each of usHence the racing interest. It led us to use the Brennus Shield that yearWhen we talk to him about his international career and ask him what his best memories are, he answers without hesitation.first choice“.still critical of defining rugby today”.Strange game that rugby where you swipe backwards to advance and your mindsets have changed today“add”There are things we can keepThroughout his career he diversified activities but as determined by him.The dough is not what I really liked“Which means his true passion was the game and the game as he liked it” (French style) and also sports as a good physical education teacher always interested in a new experience. He’s been rubbing shoulders with many disciplines and even got into the ring as a personal experience and also found that speed is important. From his coaching career with France where he was an assistant, his experience at Stade Bordelais, and his time in Italy, he has the best memory at PUC of people coming into the game for the third period with that. The tremendous student spirit that presided over the club is in the purest English club tradition as we celebrate after the game and everyone gets involved. for him “When I see girls, I find myself, they have freedomAnd for him, too, the New Zealanders are the perfect game changers with an unparalleled sporting background.

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