Jean-Marc Detour has been dismissed from his position as Director of Espace 2M for gross misconduct

Jean-Marc Detour has been dismissed from his position as Director of Espace 2M for gross misconduct

Jean-Marc Detour, former deputy of Yves Nikulin in Rouen and former opposition municipal councilor in Reourg, is no longer director of Espace 2M, which brings together the local mission and the Mife (house of information on training and employment) of Roannais. He had already received, at the end of the week, his letter of dismissal from the structure which derives its financing particularly from the subsidies granted by the local authorities.

On sick leave for several months, the former CEO was nevertheless able to attend the initial interview by videoconference. During the latter, he was criticized for his administration, and deemed inappropriate. Numerous testimonies were collected from the structure’s employees – 23 out of 43 of the total workforce – during an investigation conducted with the labor inspectorate after the Espace 2M office noticed the malfunctions. The former president, Yves Champost, has been informed of the mayor of Uchis. Just like his successor, Dominique Bruyere, also Mayor of Parigny and mandated community advisor, notably at Espace 2M, who remains at the helm of the structure today.

“You are losers.” “You are lazy” …

In this survey on the psychological and social risks incurred by employees that we have been able to consult, the testimonies sound eloquent. “I was scared” ; “I had a lump in my stomach.” “disparaging remarks” allegedly made by Jean-Marc Detour’s staff: “You’re lewd”; “You are lazy” ; “You don’t know how to upload a file.” and other things. Cited examples abound of situations where agents may feel belittled, as well as “contemptuous comments.” “He wanted me to leave, I was nothing”; “Everything is rotten, everything is done from behind, without connection”; “The goal was to make me crack,” we might read, for example, in the testimonials included in this report.

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“Indifference, obscene remarks, emotional management” the former principal is blamed for, as well as some strange situations, such as this one, which are notified among the reasons for the action of dismissal, and which the latter had been “thrown to the ground,” after “getting into a rage black”.

Maeve employees felt discriminated against

Jean-Marc Detour is also accused of very differential social treatment according to the services of Espace 2M. Thus, Mife employees felt very distinctly discriminated against compared to their colleagues in other departments, for whom the indicators of hardship at work identified by the survey were less worrisome.

During the initial interview he attended, the former director would deny most of the facts mentioned, simply admitting “not being appreciated by some of his collaborators”. This at any rate is what was notified in the dismissal letter sent on April 19th.

“We made the decision to remove him unanimously by the members of the Espace 2M bureau,” confirms Dominique Bruyere, President. Who guarantees that the fact that Jean-Marc Detour had, according to him, signed the receipt of an important registered letter addressed to the President, without referring to the latter, was taken into consideration as a great breach. This letter was found in a drawer while the principal was away on sick leave.

“We have obtained clearance from the Labor Inspectorate to complete this dismissal procedure even though Mr. Detour is still on sick leave,” adds Dominique Bruyere.Dominique Bruyere, President of Espace 2M, is awaiting the “pass of justice” regarding the financial anomaly he reported to justice (Photo: P.-O. Vérot)

Fanny Visnoux, Interim Director

The Hulk is now working with an interim director, Fanny Visnox, who combines this job with the job of director of human resources for which she was appointed, when she was not the deputy of Antoine Vermorel Marquis, but already the deputy mayor of Rouen. It works in a “two” fashion with President Dominique Bruyere. The latter ensures that, since this organization has been in place – unofficially for several weeks, on sick leave for Jean-Marc Detour and now officially – “calm has returned. We must also salute and thank the staff who have always done their job, with investment and professionalism in a very difficult context.” “. He adds that “management is now working in perfect harmony with the members of the Bureau, who each have well-established roles.”

In addition to this social component, as we were told a few weeks ago, Dominique Bruyere reported invoices to the vice-president of Rouen and the public prosecutor that were “suspicious” to say the least with regard to costs that seemed surprising and inflated the works were carried out within the premises of the Espace 2M. and the Office of the Senior Director, in particular, had been the subject, while still in office, of such great renovation and equipment work that it might be considered excessive. The Public Prosecutor of Rouen, Abdelkrim Grini, confirmed to us the existence of this report and also asked for a “change of scenery” from this possible criminal aspect to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Saint-Etienne, due to its professional proximity to some public actors that could be involved in this case and its possible spillovers. .

Extremely Embarrassing Files of Rooney’s Domestic Mission

“We shall see what will happen on this side,” points out Dominique Bruyere. I have conveyed everything I found disturbing and strange to the public prosecutor. Justice must pass! What is certain, if we have the possibility, we will demand damages to the structure, the members of the office and the staff. We will also propose to the commission Social and Economic (CSE) in Espace 2M as a civil party as well. And if some funders, in particular local authorities, want to join the action, I think that could be a good thing.”

Indeed, during the last community council meeting, the Roannais Agglomeration announced, with the voice of its president, Yves Nikulin, that it had formally caught the public prosecutor on the subject of possible financial irregularities, of which the president de Liglo had indicated that he had not yet been aware of.

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Domestic Mission: Rooney’s conglomerate also arrested the Attorney General

Swearing to “act only in the good and salvage of the Hulk,” Espace 2M’s president, Dominique Bruyere, plans to stay put until “the end of the crisis.” “The same goes for Fanny Visno. When the legal action is over, we will be asking the question of confidence to the board and staff to see if we continue,” he tells.

Pierre-Olivier Ferrot

Jean-Marc Detour does not react. We logically asked Jean-Marc Detour to offer him to reply to the announcement of his dismissal and to comment, if he wished, on the reasons for it. The former director of Espace 2M, who recently resigned as opposition municipal councilor in Riorges to focus on his defence, told us he had been hospitalized for three months. As a result, he could not – and did not want – to express himself on these subjects, and told us that he had entrusted the defense of his interests to a lawyer.

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