Javier Miley's reforms take the first step in Parliament

Javier Miley's reforms take the first step in Parliament

This is the first victory for Javier Miley. The regulatory reform package proposed by the Argentine President took its first step on Friday, February 2, in the Argentine Parliament, which approved it in principle. ” Generally “without threatening a careful examination to come in detail, especially with regard to privatization processes and the powers delegated to the executive branch.

On the third day of the marathon sessions on bicycles, against the backdrop of demonstrations and clashes with the police, the House of Representatives approved the so-called “omnibus law” draft by a majority of 144 votes against 109 votes.

A symbolic success for President Javier Miley, given his parliamentary minority (third force), this approval in principle is partly due to the numerous concessions made in recent weeks to the initial pharaonic text of executive power, from the initial 664 articles to less than half.

Possible amendments to vote “in particular”.

The law affects many areas of the public and private spheres, from the electoral system to education, from culture to privatization, criminal law, trade, self-defence, firefighting, divorce, the status of football clubs, etc.

A few hours before the vote, the Presidency of Parliament ordered, in a press statement, “To show what side of history they want to be on (…). History will judge them according to whether they worked for the benefit of the Argentines or for the continued impoverishment of the people..

Starting Tuesday, representatives will study the reform package in detail and then vote on it “In particular”, topic by topic or even article by article. Many representatives who approved the law in principle announced that they would demand additional changes.

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