Japan beat New Zealand on penalties and reached the semi-finals

Japan beat New Zealand on penalties and reached the semi-finals

to choose Japan will be a competitor Spain in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Football Championship 2020 after overcoming, with suffering, New ZealandBefore that, he needed to resort to penalties after the match and extra time without goals.

box Hajime Moriyasu, intractable in the group stage, in which you beat MexicoAnd South Africa NS France, collided with the disciplined New Zealand team and their goalkeeper, Michael WoodWhich thwarted all attempts that came to it.

the ‘all eggs‘, who surprisingly passed after a 0-0 draw against Romania in the past, proved to be a real, supportive and dangerous save in the times when they managed to reach the home team’s goal. He could even win in overtime if he didn’t mediate the clearance, under the sticks, from Maya Yoshida.

Japan, with an implicit display of more than New ZealandAs expected, she had more ball possession, more reach and more shots (8/21), but she lacked success. After ticking Wataru Endo Within ten minutes he could have changed the group, but he was sent off in a great position.

madridista take kobo It was another very active day. He helped his teammates and was more than an accomplished finisher, despite the inaccuracies. It annoyed him, but it didn’t end up lopsided in a well-armed Kiwi chest.

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Thus, the match went into extra time, where there were no goals either, despite the fact that both had dangerous access, but the result was the same, the pass was played on penalties, the Japanese were more accurate. from their competitors.

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Japan Hit all his shots, while kosi again stop thrown release kakas NS Clayton Lewis finished high. Yoshida Put the final 4-2 and the Asian team on the way Spain to the end.

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