James Glenn, the Marine admiral advising the Israeli army against Hamas

James Glenn, the Marine admiral advising the Israeli army against Hamas

Rear Admiral James Glenn (here, in July) oversaw coalition operations against ISIS in 2017, in Mosul and then in Raqqa. Cpl. Mitchell Johnson/AP

Portrait – A witness to countless devastations, The Soldier measures the enormity of the task that awaits Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

New York (United States)

Thousands of questions are being asked to Israeli military planners about the major attack on Gaza. He is the one who promises that he will solve the Hamas problem once and for all. While the lives of the hostages and the lives of the residents of Gaza who are stuck between the Hebrew hammer and the difficult Islamic bond are saved. In light of the upcoming major decisions, a handful of American strategic advisors support the Israeli army. At their head is Marine Major General James Glenn.

A gleaming skull, athletic silhouette, this three-star special ops officer was accepted without much difficulty. His operational career spans the largest urban battles fought by the US Army over the past twenty years. Glenn fought in Iraq in Fallujah in 2004, in Ramadi in 2006-2007, and oversaw the work of coalition forces in 2017 against the Islamic State in Mosul, and then in Raqqa, the last stronghold of the self-proclaimed “caliphate” in Syria.

“Amazing mission”

He measures the magnitude.

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