Jacinda Ardern steps down, Chris Hipkins appointed as Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern steps down, Chris Hipkins appointed as Prime Minister

New Zealand’s outgoing Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was officially replaced on Wednesday 25 January by Chris Hipkins, 44. The inauguration ceremony for the new leader was held in the capital, Wellington. Like his predecessor, Mr. Hipkins is Labor.

MI Ardern, 42, said last week that he did “Not enough energy” To continue carrying out his duties, after five years marked by a deadly volcanic eruption, the country’s worst ever attack and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christopher Hepkins was up until now the Minister of Home Affairs, Education and Public Services. nickname “chippy” Seen by his colleagues, this 40’s garnered enough support within his own party to be the sole candidate to succeed M.I Ardern. “It is the greatest privilege and greatest responsibility of my life.”Thinking, Mr. Hipkins said during his inauguration “Motivated, impulsive” And ” excited “ Before Challenges that arise.

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Zero Covid Strategy Leader

A deputy for fourteen years, the man became a recognized figure on the political scene when he was pushed into the head of the ministry responsible for combating the Covid-19 pandemic. While his administration has adopted particularly harsh measures as part of its zero Covid strategy, he has built up a reputation for efficiency and honesty. Faced with the pandemic, New Zealand closed its borders and only reopened them in August 2022.

“I leave feeling so grateful after doing such a great role for so many years.”Jacinda Ardern told the press on Tuesday in Ratana, in the north of the country, during her last public trip as prime minister.

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His Labor government’s popularity has been strained in recent months by a looming recession and a resurgence of Tory opposition. Her resignation sparked a nationwide debate about demonizing women leaders, particularly on social media.

Chris Hipkins named it A.J“very unpleasant” The attacks she was subjected to while she was at the head of the state. Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday that she “I will hate” His sudden departure is seen as a criticism of his country.

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