Jacinda Ardern: A newly discovered insect named after the prime minister of New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, receives an exceptional honor: Scientists have given a new name to cricket after her. The insect shares characteristics with the politician, so so does the logic.

Hemiandrus jacinda is a huge flyless cricket of the Wētā type, like “Watchman“Reported. Just like its peers, cricket is native to New Zealand, but Hemiandrus jacinda is “relatively large, long-legged, lustrous and mainly orange-red.”

Jacinda Ardern’s Premier Properties share grille

Stephen Trewick, the scientist behind the discovery, is said to have made clear the name for the fact that the insect has “prime characteristics”. On the one hand, it is red, for example, like the color of Ardern’s Labor party, and is “long legged”. Trewick continues to describe cricket as a “wonderful genre” and, like Jacinda Ardern, “very important to New Zealand”.

As the Prime Minister’s spokesperson announced, Jordan has already been notified of her new name and feels a great honor. In fact, this is not the first time that a politician has been the inspiration behind a new species name: its name is also said to be named after a beetle, lichen and ant in Saudi Arabia.

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