Izzy Adesanya shocks: “I can increase my testosterone by…”

Izzy Adesanya shocks: “I can increase my testosterone by…”

In high-level sports, the testosTerone can be considered a doping product, as it significantly improves the muscular capabilities and endurance of athletes. But it is clear that Israel Adesanya has found a secret and completely legal technology to develop this hormone in large quantities. The revelation is crazy, but questionable.

The celebrations never end for Israel Adesanya, the new UFC Middleweight Champion. It must be said that the New Zealander has come a long way, and many have declared his loss to take revenge on Alex Pereira, the man who stole his world titles in kickboxing a few years ago, and in MMA last November.

So Eazy can be proud of himself, enjoying success, which he does by showing off in Miami nightclubs and on social networks. Since his return to the throne, he has made epic statements and hasn’t wavered To rub the knife into the painful wound Alex Pereira, or to provoke everyone other fighters who wish to challenge him.

Israel Adesanya mentally controls his hormones

His euphoria also seems to be generalized to all MMA fans, who find it difficult to speak of anything other than his phenomenal performance in the main event of UFC 287. On his YouTube channel, the organization’s official presenter Jon Anick tapped into the global insanity to make a wild revelation about Izzy… He can control his hormones with his head.

Israel Adesanya explained to me in the post fight show that he can boost his testosterone just by using his brain. And seriously, I can’t even call him an idiot when he says that. He possesses mental qualities that are much higher than those in the UFC roster.

Israel Adesanya was able to control testosterone levels thanks to his mind, which would be an exceptional athletic advantage. For those who do not know, this hormone develops muscle endurance, improves alertness and reflexes, and above all endurance. If he is telling the truth, and using his secret technique against Alex Pereira, we better understand the result and the massive knockout!

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But is this theory believable? Not necessarily, but how do we question the statements of a man on top of the world? If he believes in them, and exploits them in the octagon, he will be wrong to deny himself them. A fight is also played in the head, and at this level, few can compete with Stylebender.

Israel Adesanya loves his image as a manga character, and this statement is totally in line with that. Like all the heroes they watch, Izzy will have a superpowerr, and it goes will serve to defeat all his enemies.

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