Ivan Rehsch and Paolo Tavilli on the horizon

Ivan Rehsch and Paolo Tavilli on the horizon

Montpellier midfielder Ivan Relhach (26), under contract until 2023, is in discussions with Lyon, who has also made good progress in the file of Paolo Taveli on the front line.

A LOU Xavier Garbajosa edition is working on next season. The future director of the Rhone Club, who will succeed Pierre Mignone this summer, is actively studying employment possibilities. Many arrivals are targeted in the front, third and middle rows. For this latest post, Yvan Reilhac’s name is spread over Leon. The 26-year-old is under contract until 2023 but MHR may be released at the end of the season.

According to information from RMC Sport, he is interested in Garbajosa whom he knows well because he trained him at Hérault. Reilhach, who recently appeared for the 100th time in a Montpellier shirt, could rebound and get more playing time at Lyon, and is, moreover, still in negotiations to extend New Zealander Charlie Ngatay, at the end of the contract.

Initially, the club headed by Jan Robert is also working on many issues. At the left column, Vivian Davisme (29), who has lined up 11 times this season including eight as a carrier, should extend while on the right, Lyon took the lead at the Paolo Taveli circuit. The Toulouse column, which celebrated its 26th birthday earlier this week, has been followed by several of the top 14 clubs in recent weeks. He is now in advanced contact with Leon who will hold the rope to secure his services.

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