Its new ending changes the entire story and sends shivers down your spine

Its new ending changes the entire story and sends shivers down your spine

Blade Runner Trailer (Final Cut). -Warner Bros.

The film we are talking about is an essential masterpiece for science fiction fans, and it is directed by Ridley Scott. Few people know this, but the ending they were able to discover in the cinema is not the one the director wanted. So he goes back to the editing room after the play and sets up his true ending, which changes the entire story and sends shivers down your spine…

Director Ridley Scott sometimes returns to the editing room to produce new versions of his films, even after they have been released in theaters. The most recent example of this is Napoleon. This 158-minute historical epic is currently in theaters, but it was decided to cut it by four hours long ago.
However, he has never reworked any film as well as he did Blade Runner. This sci-fi masterpiece has been in theaters for 41 years. At the time, there were already four different versions of the film, and over the years three more were added.

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The latest version of Blade Runner has a terrifying ending

Blade Runner It tells the story of Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, who is hunting down “copycats.” These are android devices that at first glance appear to be human. In a rainy, dystopian Los Angeles, he becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy and must question everything he thinks he knows.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Blade Runner to me…

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