“It's a huge relief,” says Antoine Fay, one of his lawyers.

“It's a huge relief,” says Antoine Fay, one of his lawyers.

The WikiLeaks founder has reached a plea agreement with the US judicial system under which he will be released after five years in pre-trial detention in the UK.


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Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, May 19, 2017. Illustration.  (Justin Tallis/AFP)

“It's a big relief”Professor Antoine Faye, one of Julian Assange's lawyers, reacts after the guilty plea agreement concluded with the American justice system, according to which he will regain his freedom after five years of pretrial detention in the United Kingdom. “He pleaded guilty, but the important thing is that he is free.”The lawyer comments.

Julian Assange was tried because, starting in 2010, he disclosed more than 700,000 secret documents related to US military and diplomatic activities, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. “It is a huge relief for all people around the world, as there are clearly very many of them, whether journalists, activists, NGOs, lawyers, human rights activists, and finally hundreds of millions of people who have followed Assange’s fate and who, today, are following Assange’s fate.” For the first time in fifteen years, I saw him in this video published by WikiLeaks, walking out in the open and boarding a plane.”It is to explain.

The WikiLeaks founder, who has been detained since 2019, boarded a plane to London to appear before the federal court in the Mariana Islands, a US territory in the Pacific Ocean. “For those who saw him in very difficult conditions in Belmar Maximum Security Prison, it is a wonderful image and we imagine that he will finally be able to see his children again, he will be able to read the books he wants, he will be able to choose the food he wants to eat and he will be able to live well.” New to Assange after Assange's first life”his lawyer hopes.

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Julian Assange negotiated a plea agreement with the US justice system, which demanded his extradition. “We must not focus on this judicial agreement, which has the merit of existing and which has the merit of restoring this freedom.”Mr. Antoine Faye says,

To Julian Assange's lawyer, this release “It is also an opportunity to break the neck of these myths.”Under which WikiLeaks exposes American citizens to danger. He added: “No one was put in danger because of his information. Moreover, the United States never supported him, and today they are concluding an agreement that clearly demonstrates that this never happened.”Mr. Antoine Faye says, “Today, he has been released. What we should rejoice about is that he will be able to regain his freedom. There will be time for analysis, but obviously, what an ordeal, what a martyrdom he had to suffer personally because he did something.” . “It is simply spreading real information.”And destiny.

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