'It'll be until the competition': The Wallabies robbed France's best player - Fox Sports

‘It’ll be until the competition’: The Wallabies robbed France’s best player – Fox Sports

A week ago, Australian Wallabies coach Dave Rainey admitted that he struggles with rugby.

“I think if our Wallabies C were going to play the All Blacks C it would be a big difference,” he said, following his 38-man squad to face France.

Fortunately, the Wallabies will only miss a handful of their three-game Test streak against France, starting July 7.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Blues, whose top 14 French teams – the longest in the world – continue their marathon season.

Former France captain Fabien Galthey is now close to who will bring him to Australia, with Will Skelton’s La Rochelle playing the European Champions Cup final against Rory Arnold’s Toulouse.

Oh, what is Rainey going to do so he can take down his two long-lost giants with a Galthea tour, or at least sometime in the year.

But by ensuring France’s top two teams advance to the top 14 final, the Australian public will not see Antoine Dupont, arguably the best player in the world, in at least the first test, according to Australian quarantine rules. Which means that the finalists’ players will not be out on time.

Romain Netamak will miss France’s Top 14 final after suffering a concussion, but it is not known if he will tour Australia. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The availability of Romain Ntamak, his elegant partner in the French midfield, is not known after the 22-year-old suffered a serious concussion during the 24-21 game against Bordeaux.

Others, like rookie number eight, Gregory Aldrett, will also miss the first trip to Sydney.

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Fortunately, most of the five French defenders will be based in Australia with starting centers Gael Fico and Ferimi Vakatawa in the Racing defense line, as well as Teddy Thomas, the exciting winger.

However, according to some reports in France, even those whose teams are out over the weekend can benefit from the summer after a tough season.

That means France are likely to be led by Louis Carbonel of Toulon or Mathieu Gallibert of Bordeaux, who almost led a third team to a surprise victory over England at the autumn Nations Cup last year.

As said by the French top 14 foxsports.com.au, “That should make it an equal contest.”

Dave Rainey says depth is still an issue in Australia. Photo: Rugby Australia, Andrew FanSource: Provider

France has played twice in the Wallabies since the 2019 World Cup.

This year they have already played five events.

Meanwhile, the Wallabies have not played since they drew twice in a row against Argentina to end a frustrating season last year, which saw them win once, lose twice and draw three.

France should not be left out.

They compete with New Zealand in depth.

Their under-20 team has won the last two World Cups, reached the prestigious European Champions Cup final, and made up five of the eight quarter-finalists.

“All I know is that after the semi-final there will be two teams left, so those players will not be available for the first test,” said Rene.

“They’ll get here in time for the second and third.

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But what we do know about France is that they have exceptional depth.

“There are 14 teams in this competition, playing with a lot of the best players from the southern hemisphere who have gone there to practice, and with my time in Europe, playing with the French teams, they are huge and the depth of that has created a phenomenon.

“They have won the last two U-20 matches and a number of these guys are making the nominations.

“What we do know is that whoever is going to bring in is going to be really strong and we’re really looking forward to that challenge.”

French center Fermi Vakatawa is expected to tour Australia after eliminating Racing 92 in a semi-final of the top 14 French. Photo: AFPSource: Agence France-Presse

René is not mistaken.

as he said foxsports.com.au“It’s also a team that’s been playing a lot of football lately, they’ve played in the Six Nations and they’ve played a lot of games in November, so they’ll qualify well.

“They’re going to have a lot of structures, so I would expect them to be up and running right away.”

But let’s be serious.

It will be a very exhausted French team that started the first weekend in September and is not finished yet.

Australian players have played over 13 matches.

The last five games against New Zealand should have helped them speed up.

They will have three and a half weeks before entering the stadium at the SCG to prepare for the match, while the French, sitting in their hotel rooms in Sydney, are reaching the end of their season and will be mentally exhausted. .

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Les Wallabies ont des problèmes de sélection à résoudre, en particulier en deuxième ligne et au milieu de terrain, mais ils choisiront probablement pour le premier test une équipe expérimentée proche de celle qui a prisloverte du match le terrain lor’ l The last year.

Australia ranks seventh in the rugby world rankings, while France ranks fifth.

The two countries are inferior to what they should be.

However, the second option will be the French team that Australia will meet.

There’s no reason for The Wallabies to be optimistic ahead of the series.

After all, they lost the art of winning.

But it is a streak they must win against a severely exhausted team.

Not that Rainey makes sweeping statements.

“It’s definitely not (the 3-0 win) something I’m going to talk about in the media,” he said. foxsports.com.au.

“It will always be a good team.”

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