Italy sports classes through sports.  The cross-country ski pass has been dispensed with!  - OA Sport

Italy sports classes through sports. The cross-country ski pass has been dispensed with! – OA Sport

today, Monday January 17, closed on Olympic qualification process Also for the latest sports whose champions will be in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Now there will be One week is available for different reallocations, and then Monday January 24 we will have the full picture of the situation.

At the moment, tender for Reasonable Begin having at least one blue representative in each biathlon block, Italy will be present in 87 of the 109 scheduled races. Assuming there are eight athletes in bobsleigh and only one woman in speed skating, Italy can field 120 athletes (74 men, 46 women).

Biathlon: 5 men, 5 women; 11 out of 11 races.
Today, the IBU confirmed what was already unofficial after the Ruhpolding relays: Italy with 5 men and 5 women. In each individual race it would be possible to initially be with four athletes, while in the group start it would be necessary to beat qualification on site, with only Dorothea Ferrer looking almost certain to participate through the World Cup standings, unless very negative competitions such as Antholz and Beijing.

Bob: 8 men (odds would be 9 with a different pilot in a 2-man bobsleigh compared to a 4-man bobsleigh); 2 out of 4 races.
Italy did not qualify in the ranking of 2-way female bob, being fourth in the ranking of redistribution, and in the ranking of female monobob, where it ranked first in the ranking of redistribution. Azzurri will initially be with a bobsleigh crew of 2 and two bobsleigh crews. Theoretically, there could be 9 possibilities available, but there could be 8 possibilities since the bobsled leader at 2 must be the same as one of the bobsled crews in the bobsleigh at 4.

Skeleton: two men and one woman; 2 out of 2 races.
Italy won a place in the women’s test and two places in the men’s test. There will be no more surprises from the reallocations.

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Topoganying: 5 men, 3 women; 4 out of 4 races.
Italy won three places in the men’s singles and three places in the women’s singles, while there is one qualified crew in the men’s doubles. In this specialty, Italy ranks second in the ranking of redistribution after Moldova.

Nordic countries combined: 4 men; 3 out of 3 races.
Italy has four men’s passes, already confirmed, second in the reassignment standings after France. At the moment, when 23 of the 55 quota systems have been confirmed, there are no compromises, but we need to wait a few days to understand what will happen.

Free skates: 1 man and 3 women; 4 races out of 13.
No tag for poles, antennas, and free ski tube. In Freeski slopestyle & Big air, Italy has already confirmed the use of a women’s quota, but updates must arrive with reallocation: China must give up a quota among men, with Italy ranked first among countries waiting to benefit, while among women the quota that must Not using Canada to go to Australia, as Italy is first on the waiting list for resets. At Skicross, Italy has already confirmed two possibilities for the women and one for the men. Among the men, China should give up a share, which should go to the ROC (Russian Olympic Committee), with Italy which would be first and second in the standings in the event of any further redistribution.

Ski jumping: 3 men and 2 women; 4 out of 5 races.
Italy has already confirmed the use of the five shootouts it won, three among the men and two among the women. There will be no more surprises from the reallocations.

Alpine skiing: 7 men, 9 women; 11 out of 11 races.
The last few races have not changed the situation: Italy in Beijing with 16 shares, already confirmed, 9 among women and 7 among men. Redistribution chapter: Currently, Denmark and Pakistan have given up quotas for women, and Israel and Belarus have given up quotas for men. Thus, Italy ranks sixth and eighth among women and fifth, thirteenth, sixteenth and nineteenth among men in the reallocation order. At the moment of allocating 153 quotas by gender, 57 quotas for women and 71 for men were confirmed.

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Cross-country skiing: 6 men, 6 women; 12 out of 12 races.
Here comes the surprise of Italy’s choices, which acquired thirteen shares, 7 for women and 6 for men, but decided to use only 6 for women and 6 for men. Thus Italy abandons the Olympic card among women.

Skateboard: 10 men, 6 women; 8 races out of 11.
In slopestyle & big air, Italy has already confirmed a quota for males, while in Halfpipe a second quota must be added to the already occupied male quota and confirmed thanks to a reallocation of the quota that New Zealand should not be able to use, qualified athletes. In the parallel giant slalom, Italy has already confirmed 6 possibilities, 4 for men and 2 for women, finally in the maximum mass cross for Italy, which will occupy 4 men and 4 women.

curling: 5 men and 1 woman; 2 out of 3 races.
Italy qualified with the men’s national team and with the mixed doubles team, but not with the women’s. already held branched.
Citizens Men: Joel Returnnaz (Fiame Oro), Sebastiano Arman (Air Force), Mattia Giovannila (CC Sembra 88), Simone Gonen (Air Force) and Amos Musaner (Air Force).
Mixed dual national: Stefania Constantini (Fiame Oro) and Amos Musaner (Air Force).

ice hockey: 0; 0 out of 2 races.
Italy is absent, male and female.

Figure skating: 5 men, 4 women; 4 out of 5 races.
Italy won two singles passes, two in artistic pairs and one in dance. To these numbers will be added a woman who will not compete in the individual (except for the reassignment), but only in the team event. The players who have been called up have already been announced.
Daniel Grassl (Fiame Oro), Matteo Rizzo (Fiame Azuri), Lara Naki Guttmann (Fiame Oro), Guinard Fabri (Fiame Azuri), Della Monica Guares (Fiame Oro) and Ghilardi Ambrosini (Ice Lab).

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Speed ​​skating: 8 men and 1 woman (but Italy in theory has 4 possibilities among women); 11 of 14 races.
Italy will have 8 quotas for males and 4 for females, even if among the women it is difficult to expect any athlete to accompany Francesca Lollobrigida, who gave Italy the pass in 1500, 3000, 5000 and at a group start. For the men, Italy, which also has the team chase share, will have players out of 500, one in 1,000, one in 1,500, three in 5,000, two in 10,000 and one in the team start.

Short track: 5 men, 5 women; 9 out of 9 races.
Italy won 10 odds, 5 for men and 5 for women, and the players called up have already been dispatched. Italy will be present in the women’s, men’s and mixed relay races, and at individual distances, it will have the opportunity to participate in the start with the following athletes: 3 women’s and 2 men’s at a distance of 500 metres; 2 for women and 2 for men at a distance of 1000 metres; 3 women and 3 men at a distance of 1500 metres.
Women: Ariana Fontana (Ice Lab), Cynthia Masketto (Army), Ariana Segel (Fiame Oro), Ariana Valspina (Fiame Giali) and Martina Valspina (Fiame Giali).
Men: Andrea Casinelli (Fiame Gialli), Yuri Konfortola (Carabinieri), Tommaso Dutti (Fiame Oro), Pietro Siegel (Fiame Gialli) and Luca Spechenhauser (Carabinieri).

Photo: La Presse

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