Italy meet in Parma - OA Sport

Italy meet in Parma – OA Sport

Andrea de Giandomenico’s Italdon has returned to the reunion having finished in the next world championships in recent months. Which will take place in 2022 in New Zealand. The blue will be in Parma for three days to begin the long preparation for Six Nations 2022.

Parma will be the venue for two home matches of Italdon as part of the 2022 Women’s Six Nations Championship, which will start on March 27 in Grenoble against France.. In this first meeting, Di Giandomenico called up three all-time rookies, Francesca Barro, Rugby Padova’s Valsugana prop, Luna Sacchi, and Ariana Toshi respectively, three quarters and a half of the CUS Torino team.

Italy – called

Ilaria Arigiti (Stade Ranis, France)
Francesca Barrow (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Melissa Bitoni (STADE RANNAIS, FRA)
Elisa Bonaldo (Ruby Colorno)
Enrica Brendolin (ASD’s Sixth Roger Rebel)
Beatrice Kabumagi (Vilorba Rugby Initiatives)
Giordana Duca (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Giada Franco (Ruby Colorno)
Alessandra Lucrezia Frangipani (Filorba Rugby Initiatives)
Lucia Gay (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Elisa Giordano (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Francesca Granzotto (Vilorba Rugby Initiatives)
Alicia Grunda (CUS TORINO)
Isabella Locatelli (rugby color)
Maria Magati (CUS MILANO)
Alicia Margotti (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Jaya Maris (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Beatrice Rigoni (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Luna Agatha Sachi (CUS Turin)
Sarah C (Transfecta Ruby Calvisano)
Michela Cellari (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Sofia Stefan (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Emma Stefanen (Valsugana Ruby Padova)
Ariana Toshi (Cos Turin)
Sofia Torrisi (CUS MILANO)
Vittoria Veccini (Valsusgana Ruby Padova)
Beatrice Veronet (Valsugana Ruby Padova)

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Foto: Alessio Tarpini – LPS

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