“It will have a huge impact on the players” The director of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth told us about his favorite scene: we often forget about it, now it is essential!

“It will have a huge impact on the players” The director of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth told us about his favorite scene: we often forget about it, now it is essential!

Game news “It will have a huge impact on the players” The director of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth told us about his favorite scene: we often forget about it, now it is essential!

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A few weeks before the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the excitement around this sequel was complete, partly because Sony had just given a great showcase for the game by holding an exceptional State of Play. (In addition to the new images, Square Enix announced the availability of a demo version. For our part, we were able to try out the game again a few days ago, and interview its creators. During this interview, Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi each spoke about the spectacle that they cannot wait To share with fans. They have one thing in common: they'll both be great! Warning, this article contains spoilers for the original game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the star of PS5 State of Play, less than a month before its release

Very late in the evening, at the beginning of the night, the most courageous and eager for license Final Fantasy VII We were able to discover the gaming case fully customized for it Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The title, which was supposed to be released on February 29, revealed new extracts and mechanics. For our part, we had the opportunity to discover this in advance and even try new sequences. After this offer, We made sure to write an additional preview article for you – The second, in continuation of the previous presentation carried out last September – and to list some answers to the questions that we were able to ask Yoshinori Kitase, the brilliant producer of the Square Enix saga, and Naoki Hamaguchi, co-director of Remake of Final Fantasy VII And the main director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

A few weeks ago, we were itching to get our hands on the second part of this remastered trilogy, and we made the cut A research paper about seven moments from the original game that we dreamed of rediscovering in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Respecting the chronology of this unique post-Midgar adventure, we've discussed multiple passages spanning from arrival at Calm to Aerith's prayer in the heart of the City of the Ancients. Only by observing the summary of the article in question, we can easily understand the sequence of the rest of the article Remake of Final Fantasy VII He will return to moments of worship. Throughout the world, each player of the original game can choose their favorite moment. Obviously, we wanted to ask the question to the project executives we were able to meet during testing. Surprisingly, they both cited two passages that have been substantially paraphrased in this book FF7 Rebirth !

Obviously, if you are not familiar with the basic scenario or if you want to protect yourself from the elements related to this second part of the “Remake” project, we advise you to avoid reading the following paragraphs: You have been warned ! After citing several examples of notable scenes in Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi, the producer told us, “ Every one of them has been improved “, which leads to an increase in strength.” More dramatic, more emotional than before “. In a few words, Yoshinori Kitase explained to us that “ All these scenes will excite us “, whether we actually know them or not.

For his part, the scene was performed by the producer Final Fantasy VII Rebirth What you like most is the famous evening at Gold Saucer during which you can have a date with one of the following four characters: Barret, Yuffie, Aerith and Tifa. Depending on your affinity links, you can also hope to participate in a play during which you have several options. This clip precedes the moment when you find yourself face-to-face with the chosen one of Cloud's heart, a time-inducing tour-de-force and a dazzling fireworks display, completely recreated. We also got a taste of this during the Game Awards, since this scene ties into the main theme of New birth, No promises to keepsung by Aerith. Here, the show is like a Honey Bee Inn staging Remake of FF7seems increasingly more extravagant.

Before that (editor's note, the scene in the Round Square), if you remember correctly, there is Cloud and his partner who are going to watch a little play. It was a very small theatre, but it has been really improved and is now a huge and extravagant opera. In fact, as we recently showed, this is the location of the game's main theme, which is when Aerith sings “No Promises to Keep.” So I think this song will have a big impact on people. – Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

An optional cutscene that is now essential and brand new to the main story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The way Yoshinori Kitase did, Director Naoki Hamaguchi deliberately cited a scene that was heavily reworked from the original. What's more, this is a setting we only discover by visiting an optional area, Gongaga Village, where the character Zack was born and where his parents still live in the original game. At that time, you could, in the company of Tifa and Aerith, thus opening new interactions with the two heroines, go to meet Zack's parents. Without giving away too many details, Naoki Hamaguchi told us that this segment will take on a new dimension in Rebirth, and that it will now be an essential part of the main story.. Deliberately confident in this scene.” Brand New Naoki Hamaguchi seems convinced that she will have it. Huge impact on players “.

There are a lot of scenes in the original game that I love. I think it's very hard to pick just one of them, but there's one scene in particular that I think will resonate very strongly with fans. This is not the scene from the original, but a brand new scene added to the story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This scene takes place in Gongaga Village which, if you remember, was an optional area in the original game. You don't have to visit, but if you do, you can discover a little history there. In Rebirth, this passage becomes an essential part of the main story. So I can't give you a lot of details but obviously this is a new event that players can enjoy for themselves. Circumstances and a character's involvement cause them to question themselves, look at themselves, and think seriously about what they are doing and the direction in which things are headed. There's also a lot of resonance and connection to things that happen later in the story. And that's what I want people to pay attention to – and I think it will have a huge impact on players – when they witness this specific scene in Gongaga. It's a whole new scene, as I said. – Naoki Hamaguchi, director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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