It inspired the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell: finally a series about a sci-fi masterpiece that was considered unadaptable for 40 years – News Séries

It inspired the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell: finally a series about a sci-fi masterpiece that was considered unadaptable for 40 years – News Séries

For 40 years, no one has succeeded in adapting this literary monstrosity. A new attempt today in a series…


In 1984, William Gibson's novel, Neuromancerswept the world of science fiction, later influencing works such as The Matrix and manga Ghost in the Shell. Over the years, the acclaimed, award-winning book has come close to being adapted to the big screen time and time again. The time has finally come… in series form!

And AppleTV+ will be there! The streaming platform has already announced that the series is being created by Graham Roland (Jack Ryan) and director JD Dillard (Devotion). The show will consist of ten episodes in total.

The novel is set in the future and follows Henry Case, a cyberspace “cowboy”, a hacker who travels through the Matrix. Once he became the Best, he lost his ability to connect to the Matrix: for him, all was lost. He is assigned one last job, then comes into contact with a powerful artificial intelligence…

Many failed attempts at cinema

Neuromancer It is the first science fiction novel he wrote William Gibson It is generally considered the founding novel of the cyberpunk movement. In particular, it won the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1984 and was accompanied by two parts, Count zero (1986) and Mona Lisa is having fun (1988).

Of course, cinema has tried for years to adapt this literary monster, to no avail. Fans are only entitled to references within popular culture through Matrix And Ghost in the Shell So, but also in video games Ex-deity Or in the novel Modified carbon (Which was itself adapted into a series).

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The author himself once named videographer and special effects expert Chris Cunningham as the only person he trusted to adapt his work. The latter, the director of Madonna and Björk's music videos, has notably worked on special effects for several blockbuster films, including Alien 3, Alien, Resurrection, and AI Artificial Intelligence. The project was launched but remained in “development hell” for years – like many subsequent attempts. The director of Cube (1997), Vincenzo Natali, came close to achieving this on several occasions. Stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson were attached to the project, but funding never came.

Recently, there seemed to be a better chance of a film adaptation from Deadpool director Tim Miller, but it was no longer mentioned after Disney bought Studio Fox. The path is now clear for Apple and a series could be a better and more suitable idea to tell this complex story over the course of several episodes.

While you wait to discover what this will bring, immerse yourself once again in the world of the Matrix, the original trilogy currently streaming on Netflix.

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