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“It happened again” – Corriere.it

from Marta Serafini

Julie Ann Ginter, 41, made the announcement herself on Facebook after choosing the same prenatal transportation in 2018. Congratulations from the protagonists

It will be the effect of the prime minister Jacinda ArdernThe community may be smaller and more dynamic than the European community, but New Zealand women seem to be more free to act according to their preferences than in Europe or the United States.

Green New Zealand MP Julie Ann Genter posted the news on Facebook herself yesterday. She had a baby girl and went to the hospital on a bicycle to deliver her. Of course, as it should be. helmet on the head e tight pantsWith her husband, she decided to reach the delivery room like this. Complement with selfies before lying in bed.

The contractions weren’t as strong at 2 a.m., as she explained herself in a Facebook post. And so we thought it might be a good idea. Ginter, a 41-year-old US citizen, is a staunch advocate of sustainable mobility and cycling in general, as can also be seen from his Twitter profile. But not only. She has been the Minister for Equal Opportunity and has worked in the transport sector since arriving in New Zealand in 2006.

It is clear that the news was picked up by the international and domestic press and the congratulations of the mother from all over the world. His die-hard fans enjoyed remembering that it wasn’t the first time Ginter had used his bike to go and have a baby. It actually happened in 2018. After the announcement of the pregnancy that came after a series of spontaneous abortions as she herself said, even on that occasion the minister chose two wheels.

Besides personal life, it is clear how the deputy decided to make a political statement of her decision. Genter and the New Zealand Green Party support the Labor government’s incentives to encourage the transition from petrol-powered vehicles with higher emissions to electric and hybrid vehicles. But not only. Ginter is also a staunch supporter of women’s rights and has voted for the decriminalization of abortion.

A woman in a country that leaves room for women? New Zealand has always been at the forefront of equal opportunity. Meanwhile, it was the first country to recognize women’s suffrage in 1893. Then, in 1970, she was the first female New Zealand MP to give birth in office, and the first to breastfeed in office in 1983. In June 2018, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became second The world’s leader is born in office. Since then, there have been several cases of female deputies taking their children to work with them, some of whom have chosen to breastfeed them in public. without the behavior causing particular controversy. A very different situation from Great Britain where last week the opposition Labor MP Stella Crissy, who appeared in the House of Commons with her three-month-old son, has been told that no children are allowed into Westminster.

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