It cannot be stopped without achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement

A new study was recently published in the journal nature Models of the implications of different global warming scenarios on the Antarctic ice sheet and the implications for the global oceans. searching fromMcGill University (McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec, is one of…) Participate in this study conducted byUniversity (The university is an institution of higher education whose goal is…) From Massachusetts to Amherst. Among the scenarios studied, we must mention the achievement of a goal Paris (Paris is a French city and the capital of France and the capital of the region…), a 2°C temperature rise and an aspirational 1.5°C target, plus the current trajectory of things that, if unchanged, would raise the temperature by three or more degrees.

Mackenzie River Delta in Beaufort Sea (The Beaufort Sea is part of the Arctic Ocean and covers an area of ​​about 450…), which is a low area Height (Height is the vertical height of a place or object with respect to a plane…) at’North Pole (The North Pole is the area around the Earth’s North Pole, inside and outside…) which is prone to high sea ​​level (Sea level is the average height of sea level relative to the level of…) Because Global Warming (Greenhouse, also called global warming, or…). Photo: Nadia and Harold Gomez

Accelerate level rise More (The term sea covers several facts.)

If the more optimistic targets of 1.5° and 2° set by the Paris Agreement are reached, the ice sheet forSouth Pole Antarctica (pronounced [ɑ̃.taʁk.tik] Listen) is the most on the continent …) will increase the level More (The term sea covers several facts.) from U.S Height (Height has several meanings depending on the area covered). range between six and 11 cm by 2100. But if we continue to move towards an increase in temperature (Temperature is a physical quantity measured with a thermometer and …) 3 °C, the model indicates that there will be a large jump in the melting of snow which will significantly accelerate Speed (in franchise 🙂 at which sea level rises. The researchers found that if the Paris Agreement targets for global warming were exceeded, the impact would be greater over a longer period of time. time (Time is a concept developed by humans to understand…).

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“If the current rate of global warming continues, we will reach A Goal (spelling) No return by 2060, after which the consequences cannot be reversed for centuries,” said Rob DeConto of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, co-director of the School of tr (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…) And you sustainable development (Sustainable development is a new concept…) and lead author of the study. “Unless ambitious measures are implemented to limit global warming by 2060, no human intervention, including geoengineering, will be able to prevent a 17 to 21 cm sea level rise due to uniquely melting Antarctic ice by 2100. .”

Global impact of Antarctic ice loss

The researchers found that if global warming were limited to two degrees or less, the changes that would occur in Antarctica would contribute to a sea level rise of about one degree. meter (The meter (symbol m, from the Greek metronome, measure) is the basic unit of length…) by 2300. But in the case of an increase in warming scenario and in the absence of a reduction in emissions Gas (A gas is a group of atoms or molecules that are highly bonded and…) to me Global Warming (The greenhouse effect is a natural process of a certain absorption of energy…), the altitude can reach a catastrophic level in Globalism (The word can mean world 🙂, that is, ten meters or more.

“One of the important points for Canada is that the melting of Antarctic ice will have a significant impact on coastal areas in the United States Pay (Country comes from the Latin pagos which means territorial and tribal division of the range…). The effects of retreating ice are global,” notes Natalia Gomez, associate professor and chair holder Research (Scientific research refers, first of all, to all actions taken with a view to …) from Canada on the geodynamics of interactions between ice cover and sea level and taught in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University. His work has contributed to an assessment of the effect – on the volume and rate of ice retreat – of changes in bedrock under the ice andWater (Water is a chemical compound found everywhere on Earth, essential to everyone…) About the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

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Basic ice cream trays

The study reveals thatArchitectural Engineering (Architecture can be defined as the art of building buildings.) Even from the Antarctic ice cap play (The cheek is the part that covers and closes the oral cavity of the face…) A major role in ice rebound. The ice is slowly flowing downward, and the Antarctic ice sheet is naturally infiltratingOcean (Oceans stylized Ωceans is a French documentary film produced by…) where it begins to melt. The ice slowly flows towardsOcean (The ocean, in geography, is often defined as a vast body of water…) Thanks to a ring of ice shelves that act as a support that floats in the ocean, but retains ice icy (A glacier is a fairly extensive mass of ice formed by the stability of layers …) Upstream by scraping items from the shallow ocean floor. These ice trays serve (Servent is shrinking word server and client.) Each of hail (A dam is an engineering structure built across a watercourse and intended to…) It prevents the ice sheet from sliding quickly into the ocean and provides support that prevents the plate from collapsing.

But with increasing warming, ice shelves become thinner and more fragile. Melt water is there for them Surface (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term A…) Cracks can deepen and disintegrate completely. and for this continent (In geography, position is a spatial concept that allows the relative position of…)Not only is the ice sheet moving faster toward the warming ocean, but the exposed edges of the ice sheet can also break off or “get stuck” in the ocean, contributing to sea level rise. The processes of melting and receding ice shelves, followed by faster ice flow and calving, have already begun in green land (Greenland (pronounced /gʁɔɛn.lɑ̃d/; Greenland pronounced …), but it has not yet spread into the colder Antarctic ice sheet – at least forimmediately (Moment defines the smallest component of time. Moment is not…).

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“If there is planet (A planet is a celestial body that revolves around the sun or another star of…) Warming continues, the massive glaciers in Antarctica could start to behave like their smaller counterparts in Greenland, which would have a disastrous effect on sea level rise,” concludes Rob DeConto, Researcher (The researcher (researcher) appoints a person whose job is to do…) owner. “Si Ali Rate (Spleen (Old Greek σπλήν (splēn), in Latin link, hence…) The temperature targets of the Paris Agreement and allowing the ice shelves that act as support to retreat significantly, “we will reach a point of potential no return in the future of Antarctica.”


“The Paris Climate Agreement and Future Sea Level Rise from Antarctica,” by Robert DeConto et al., was published in the journal nature.American citizen Science (Science (Latin science, “knowledge”) is, according to the dictionary…) Establishment NASA (La National Aeronautics and Space Administration («Administration nationale de …) The Sea Level Change Science Team, the Canadian Research Chairs Program, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.
DOI: 0.1038 / s41586-021-03427-0

The study was funded by the US National Science Foundation, the team Scientist (A scientist is a person who devote himself to the study of science or science and who …) He has been tasked with sea-level change at NASA, the Canadian Research Chairs Program and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

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