Israel releases footage of October 7 massacre: “A terrifying reminder of what happened that day”

TF1info: You have watched 43 minutes of videos broadcast by Israel showing the October 7 massacres. How do we, as journalists, react to the broadcast of such images?

Michelle Scott: It was interesting for me to come and watch this show. You have already seen a large portion of the images in recent weeks, and three-quarters of the scenes have already been broadcast on social media, particularly on Hamas channels, or on Telegram for members of Israeli first responders. But here, it was important for me to see the way the Israelis put everything together in one document – and even then, this is only part of the available picture – of history. It is very terrifying to see. Although I was aware of most of these scenes, to see them collected there, combined in one document, without comment, is quite astonishing. But that’s the point, it’s a terrifying reminder of what happened on October 7th. Since then, many events have taken place in the region, but the beginning of it all was October 7 and the Hamas movement. And in this projection, we have a summary that is compressed, and sometimes unbearable to watch.

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