Israel coach Adesanya is very confident about the rematch Alex Pereira

Israel coach Adesanya is very confident about the rematch Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya’s coach Eugene Barman is far from panicking about applying a strategy to regain the middleweight belt against Alex Pereira.

In the main event of UFC 281, Alex Pereira created an upset by ending the reign of Israel Adesanya In those weighing less than 185 lbs. The Brazilian once again dressed as an Adesanya executioner, slammed by TKO in the fifth and final round, thus winning a third time against easy.

The defeat must weigh mentally on the former class champion, who seemed to dominate the debates before being caught off guard by Pereira’s acceleration. A third disappointment, a second KO, and the impression That Israel Adesanya does not have the weapons to overcome what appears to be his black beaste., all combat sports combined.

CoacheasyEugen Barman very calmly approaches him to take revenge on the Brazilian. In fact, As pointed out Introducing the radioThere are many positive points to remember on the Adesanya side. According to him, only a few adjustments should allow his pony to regain his title:

“We’re quietly confident. You have to understand, we won this battle relatively comfortably. We felt like we were taking the rounds. But not comfortably enough. He’s a guy who builds his strategy by mentally exhausting (his opponent) and trying to land a big shot. He’s confident with Leaving the rounds and not panicking. Leaving the rounds but it’s part of his overall strategy (…). With some adjustments we can make changes and build on a lot of the positive things that happened in this fight for us.”

If it has not been made official by the UFC, A fourth battle between the two men seems inevitable. In light of the eraAdesanyaAnd the appearance of this hat-trick, there is no doubt that the New Zealander will have every opportunity during this instant revenge.

Do you think Israel Adesanya can regain his belt?

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