Israel allows access to the third dose of the vaccine starting from the age of 12

Israel allows access to the third dose of the vaccine starting from the age of 12

The booster dose campaign was launched in late July in the country, and gradually expanded to include a younger audience.

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While the third doses of Covid-19 vaccines have yet to be administered in France, the campaign is far ahead in Israel. On Sunday, August 29, the state announced that these booster doses are now accessible from the age of 12, and thus to all Israelis for whom vaccination is permitted.

At the end of July, the Jewish state launched a campaign to allow people over the age of 60 to receive a third dose of the vaccine. Since then, it has gradually lowered the minimum entry age. More than 5.4 million people have received two doses of the vaccine in Israel, 58% of the population, and more than 1.9 million for a third.

To benefit from this third injection, the Israelis will have to wait Five months have passed since the second dose was injected..

The World Health Organization had called for these third doses to be stopped, in order to leave more vaccines for poor countries where the vaccination rate is still low. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett replied that administering these doses in Israel, a country of nine million people, would not affect global stocks and would allow testing of the efficacy of these booster doses.

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