Is your cat scratching your furniture? Science has tricks!

Is your cat scratching your furniture? Science has tricks!

Tired of your carpets, walls and couches getting torn up by your cat's scratches? Researchers have some advice for you.

Scratching is a completely natural and instinctive behavior for cats. It's a way for them to maintain their claws, mark their territory, and communicate with other cats. But for people who live with cats, scratching can quickly become painful.

In the presence of children, cats are more likely to scratch.

Researchers VeterinariansVeterinarians Researchers from Ankara University (Turkey) have studied this phenomenon closely to try to identify effective ways to manage and redirect the scratching of domestic cats. In the journal Frontiers in Veterinary ScienceThey first explain how, through interactions with more than 1,200 humans who share the lives of one or more cats, they identified certain factors that have a significant influence on how undesirable this behavior is considered.

Researchers suggest that the presence of children in the home, as well as high levels of play and nocturnal activity, contribute significantly to increased scratching. Cats described as aggressive or noisy also show higher levels of scratching. Conclusion, pressurepressure One of the main reasons for these annoying claw marks. Therefore, having children in the house, especially young ones, can be considered as stress by the cat. Just like EnergizingEnergizing Without interruption, even if it's a game.

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Cat's Scratching

So should you give up your kids to avoid your cat scratching you? Not necessarily. Providing your cat with safe hiding places, elevated vantage points, and scratching posts near her resting spots should also be a good idea. By adding short play sessions that simulate winning hunting scenarios and some soothing pheromones, those ripped pillows should soon be a distant memory.

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