Is PS5 beta light and low quality index?  'People are stupid' says McDonald -

Is PS5 beta light and low quality index? ‘People are stupid’ says McDonald –

Today, as we informed you, we found out that it is on PlayStation servers PS5 version of Elden Ring beta. Weight, as stated, is 6.888 GB. Some players, from all over the world, reacted poorly, thinking that the beta version is too light and that this is an indication of low quality. Is this correct? “Most people are completely stupid,” says Lance MacDonald.

Lance MacDonald is a well known data maker, very active in the souls segment. While it is true that his statement is straightforward and a bit cliched, in his tweet he emphasized a number of Very interesting data Which allows us to compare and more accurately determine the weight of the Elden Ring PS5 beta in the gaming scene.

MacDonald states that the Bloodborne Network test weighed 3.9GB, Dark Souls 3 weighed 2.8GB, and the Dark Souls Remastered test weighed 3.1GB. Basically, Elden Ring beta is Much larger From previous FromSoftware games. In the case of Dark Souls 3, we’re talking more than double. According to MacDonald, thinking that a network test weighs 75 gigabytes in order to “keep up with AAA’s quality expectations” is meaningless.

The weight in GB of the game is clearly not directly proportional to its final quality. We’ll have to wait for the Elden Ring before we can make judgments. In the meantime, today we will have the opportunity to watch a 15-minute presentation of the gameplay, today: here are the details.

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