Is Pope Francis about to resign?

Is Pope Francis about to resign?

Since his appearance in a wheelchair, there have been many rumors that Pope Francis has resigned for medical reasons.

Old 85 yearsJorge Mario Bergoglio is 266 Pope From’catholic church. known as Pope FrancisReligious has been at the helm of the church ever since 2013.

However, for several weeks, his apparent deterioration Health status Feeds rumors about the possibility Resignation next one.

The Pope’s choices raise questions

Many recent decisions Pope Francis Highlighted the development of this rumorAs the guard says,.

The Argentine cleric recently visited Tomb of Celestine Va former daddy with Resigned 5 months after the papacy. The Pope, Benedict He also visited this tomb, shortly before his resignation in 2013.

Rumors abound about it Tweet embed He may resign after a public visit to L’Aquila. #PopeCelestineV (Who quit) Buried there. Pope Benedict XVI visited before his resignation. But the Pope’s wheelchair may say more about his resignation than this visit.

—Raymond Arroyo 5 June 2022

Moreover, the day before, Pope Francis chose that3 months in advance The ecclesiastical, so that is in August. This event is intended for nominations New Cardinalswho may then be eligible for the next election of a Pope.

Therefore, these decisions indicate the possibility of Resignation in next September.

strong feedback

The compatibility of these two decisions raises suspicion within the Church. Robert MeekinsEditor of the Catholic Daily Crossdescribe these decisions “a stranger”.

In response to a question about the resignation of Pope Francis, he said:“I think it’s a very good prospect.”

Moreover, at the beginning of his pontificate, the churchman made it clear that he wanted the Pope’s resignation to become “Normal”. Pope Francis called it “brave” previous resignation Pope, Benedict.

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