Ireland twice beat the All Blacks in New Zealand, a historic achievement

Ireland twice beat the All Blacks in New Zealand, a historic achievement

Ireland’s national rugby team signed in Wellington on Saturday 16 July, their second straight win against New Zealand’s All Blacks (32-22), thus winning for the first time their summer tour on New Zealand soil.

The All Blacks hadn’t lost back-to-back home games against a European side since France’s victory on their tour in 1994. The great contempt for coach Ian Foster was more menacing than ever. With this success gained thanks to four tests, compared to three for New Zealand, Ireland will resume, on Monday, the presidency of the world number one.

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The first period was entirely Irish, and “all blacks” seem lost and confused in the face of this dominance. Quite the opposite of the second, which saw the awakening of New Zealanders, the authors of three articles in sixteen minutes. But Jonathan Sexton’s teammates, Imperial again (12 points) at just 37 years old, did not shiver, resisting until the last minute to snatch a precious victory.

“It’s a very special day, because we are playing against the best in the world. Come here and [gagner] very very special”Captain Sexton responds to a BBC microphone. As was the case in the first two Test matches, Andy Farrell’s men hit hard right from the start of the match.

Wellington Stadium disappointed with the performance of the All Blacks

After a mistake by New Zealand captain, Sam Kahn, who has been much criticized since the start of this tour, the 15th from Clover took a 4-4 penalty kick.e the moment. The Irish then choose the key instead of the three-point attempt, aiming since, on a great ball carried, third-line Josh van der Vlaer leveling hard on the first attempt of the encounter.

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Then Sexton failed to turn (5-0), but Ireland’s dominance continues, fending off the team’s attacks on Silver Fern. He’s only at 23e The minute Jordy Barrett cut the score (5-3) in the face of the poles. The Irish then follow a fine three-quarter move, which turns their backs on Hugo Keenan for the Greens’ second attempt, in front.

New Zealander Will Jordan hits an Irish player during the match between the two selections, in Wellington, Saturday, July 16, 2022.

Sexton, this time, turns without a problem (12-3, 28e), to pass the token bar of 1000 points in the selection. Then he worsened the score (15-3, 32), despite the whistles of Wellington Stadium, disappointed with the performance of his team, which gave a lot of effort but doubled the follies, and often lost the ball.

On the Irish side, it’s the opposite: Clover XV’s rugby is so resilient that the team is logically rewarded, with a third attempt, once again brilliant, after a shout-out and signed by quarterback Robbie Henshaw, based on an offer from fellow teammate Aki Bundee (22-3 , 37e).

Instant revolution of New Zealanders

Returning from the locker room, Ian Foster’s men immediately revolted, launching a head-on attack against the Irish defence, using patience to tie around twenty stages of play, to finally flatten out to third line Ardie Savea (22-10, 44).e).

Then the “machine” of the Owl Plax begins to vibrate. Taking advantage of Ireland’s numerical shortfall, deprived of Andrew Porter, who was released due to a yellow card, Akira Ewan, appointed last minute in place of Scott Barrett, injured in a leg, rushed into the Irish defense to flatten out during the force.

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Jordi Barrett later turned, New Zealand are only 5 points (22-17) from their opponent, enough to believe again. A few minutes later, on a nice pass from Savea, Will Jordan breaks through and fixes Sexton and sprints to sign an attempt from over 60 meters (25-22, 60e).

However, Ireland did not allow themselves to be disbanded, and on a beautifully carried ball, her fourth attempt was scored by prostitute Rob Herring, who had just entered the turf (32-22, 65e). The end of the meeting was marked by the composure of the Irish, consistent and firm to the end.

Rugby: England win the group against Australia

A few hours after Ireland took advantage against New Zealand, it was the second most prestigious success for rugby in the Northern Hemisphere. On Saturday 16 July, England won their three test-match series against Australia, winning their second straight win over the Wallabies (21-17) on Saturday in Sydney, a week after their success (25-17) in Brisbane. Australia, who won the first Test (30-28), will have to question themselves before their next match, against France’s 15th in the fall.

This is the second time in its history that XV de la Rose has won a tour with the Wallabies. The first match took place in 2016. Wales, who face South Africa at 5.05pm in Cape Town, Scotland, against Argentina at 9.10pm in Santiago del Estero, can imitate them, if they win. The two series are already linked 1-1.

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