iPhone SE 3: all the rumors about the equipment and the launch date

iPhone SE 3: all the rumors about the equipment and the launch date

IPhone SE 2020 made a fuss last year, offering good features in a compact format at a relatively low price. With the iPhone SE 3, the next generation should really be in the starting blocks. And the cheap new iPhone also promises a lot. TECHBOOK sums up the rumors.

It’s still not entirely clear what Apple will release on the new iPhone SE model. At the moment, internet connectivity is as simple as the iPhone SE 3. At just under 500 euros, the predecessor was and still is very successful. So presumably, Apple won’t change much of the concept with the new model. We already know some details about the iPhone SE 3, other points are still not clear. This includes, among other things, the size of the screen and the release date of the new, low-cost iPhone.

Display and design

Anyone who can answer a question about the iPhone SE 3 already knows a lot of details about the smartphone: Which iPhone model does Apple use as a template? For the iPhone SE 2020, the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 had a Home button. With the iPhone SE 3, many users hope Apple will IPhone 12 mini Will choose as template. So the new cheap iPhone will be bigger than its predecessor.

This choice will be supported by the fact that Apple can easily continue to use existing components. In addition, the iPhone 12 mini was not successful, so the manufacturer has already discontinued its production. So is Apple likely converting the iPhone 12 mini into the iPhone SE 3 – with somewhat abstract components, but at a much lower price? This will be possible, especially because it will give the device a more modern look with narrower edges.

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iPhone SE 3 based on iPhone 12 mini?

Slovak Design StudioSvetableI took this idea and conceptualized it in the design concept. The concept shows the iPhone SE 3 based on the iPhone 12 mini, but without the large notch and only one camera at the back. For a long time, Apple fans had hoped the manufacturer would say goodbye to the big new iPhone models Instead opt for a smaller version This can be used on the upcoming low-cost model in the form of a hole punch, as we already know from many Android smartphones.

In this case, the screen diagonal will be 5.4 inches, thus surpassing the previous iPhone SE models. Due to the narrower screen edges, the overall body size is unlikely to change much in comparison. The display technology used could also become more modern. Instead of LCD, many hope to have an OLED display. However, in terms of price, Apple is unlikely to take this step.

Could the iPhone SE 3 look like this?Photo: svetapple.sk

It’s still Touch ID instead of Face ID

Let’s stay with the price point. This could be one of the reasons Apple continues to use Touch ID in place of Face ID. The sensor required for this is supposed to be hidden in the power button on the side of the iPhone SE 3 – as we’ve already seen with the iPad Air.

Technical equipment

So far, we can only speculate on the design and size of the iPhone SE 3. However, it becomes more specific when it comes to the technical equipment. Early in the iPhone SE 2020, Apple is using a modern processor that also works in iPhone 11 models released a few months ago. Apple will likely do the same with the new smartphone. We expect the A14 Bionic to be in the iPhone SE 3. The 5G model may be possible – the first in the iPhone SE series. However, you must use a modem with support for frequencies below 6 GHz (Sub6). Faster speeds are allocated to the more expensive iPhone Pro models.

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The current SE version is available in 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB memory sizes. Apple is also supposed to offer this for the iPhone SE 3. The smallest version would also be envisioned to start at 128GB.

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Single or dual camera?

Does iPhone SE 3 have a single camera, or does it come with a dual setup? There is currently no answer to this question. Some sources believe that Apple will stick with a single 12MP wide-angle camera. On the other hand, to keep production costs as low as possible. On the other hand, it stands out more clearly than iPhone 12 mini.

Others, however, suspect that Apple can pass the dual-camera module of the iPhone 11. Thus, the main 12MP camera will have 1.4μm pixels, in addition to having an ultra wide angle with 12MP.

When will the iPhone SE 3 come?

It was originally assumed that Apple would launch the iPhone SE 3 in April of this year. With a potential price of 579 euros, it should be slightly more expensive than its predecessor, the smallest version of which has an MSRP of 479 euros.

However, a much later date appears. It appears that William Yang, a supply chain analyst at JP Morgan, has received information that the cheap iPhone will not be on the market in 2021. Problems with the delivery of various components due to the global Corona pandemic could be responsible for the delay. But it is also possible that Apple wants to give the 2020 iPhone SE more time as an existing budget model before there will be a revamp in the form of a new model. The interview is currently assumed to take place in the first half of 2022.

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