IPhone 13 Mini could become a reality: Apple is evaluating the idea

After discussions of the past few months, Apple is seriously considering launching the iPhone 13 Mini next fall

iPhone 13 Mini, here is Apple’s possible strategy (screenshot)

A few months ago, Apple officially launched the New iPhone lineIt consists of models Mini Base, Pro e Pro Max. The first of these variants was undoubtedly disappointed with sales, which convinced neither buyers nor experts of the values. Cheaper and Smaller Model: Ideas That Would Be Great for Apple, Not enough for anyone else.

The “failure” of the project was led by Apple To think about the entire market strategy, First by stopping production of the same series and then assessing the possibility of cancellation for Series 13 (which will be released next fall. “After rumors of past weeks, it now appears that the Cupertino company About to follow in her footsteps.

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iPhone 13 Mini, here’s what could happen

IPhone Carica
The idea seems to be to give the little iPhone a second chance (Image: Getty)

iPhone 13 Mini yes or iPhone 13 Mini no? at the moment, Giving an answer is complicated. If in the last few weeks it seemed like Apple would be abandoning the project, now something seems to have changed. In parts of Cupertino, a reassessment is being seriously considered IPhone is cheap in the compact size. There are even some photos released in the past few hours that you’d expect a few details about what that could have been The compact smartphone of the future.

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First you can notice the Smaller degree, Most likely an item shared by all devices that will be released in October. There should then be a resetting of the sensor locations for the photographic sector, which will result in a Better picks. There is also talk of a sharper thickness than the iPhone 12 and a larger battery.

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