iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 at discounted prices, which one will you buy?

iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 at discounted prices, which one will you buy?

Black Friday is an opportunity to do business, especially on Apple-branded smartphones. But between the iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, which one should you choose? We’ve compared their technical characteristics so you can choose the one tailored to you.

In terms of design, there is very little difference between the iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15, hence they look very similar. All three have a very flat appearance, like their backs, with the image sensors mounted in the upper left corner, on the back. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 offer completely identical dimensions except for the thickness. The iPhone 13 is 7.65mm thick compared to 7.8mm for the iPhone 14. That’s the same thickness as the iPhone 15 and is just a millimeter thicker than the other two… and the lighter, the latter at 171g versus 172g for the iPhone 14 and 174g for the iPhone 13.
For work, the iPhone 15’s battery capacity is slightly larger than that of the other two devices, namely 3,349 mAh compared to 3,279 mAh for the iPhone 14 and 3,227 mAh for the iPhone 13. It recharges wired or wirelessly. It’s very useful.

What is the strongest and what compositions for images?

If performance is what interests you most, then the iPhone 15 is the one you should choose since it is equipped with an Apple A16 chip with 6GB of RAM versus the six-core Apple A15 Bionic chip of the iPhone 15, also with 6GB of RAM while The iPhone 13 uses a quad-core Apple A15 Soc processor with 4GB of RAM, which is slightly less powerful.
For photos, it’s the iPhone 15 that produces the most beautiful shots using its 48-megapixel main sensor combined with a 12-megapixel telephoto lens capable of 2x optical zoom. This is also the case for the iPhone 14 but with a 12-megapixel main sensor optically stabilized to reduce vibration. It is the same main lens installed on the back of the iPhone 13 with another 12-megapixel unit.

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What is the best screen and what is the connection?

As for the display, there’s no need to be jealous since all three devices come with a 6.1-inch OLED panel that supports Dolby Vision video format for the streaming platforms you use. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 display a resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels compared to 1179 x 2556 pixels for the iPhone 15 which offers higher brightness. All of them are limited to a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz.

In terms of connectivity, all three Apple smartphones are compatible with 5G networks. It also offers Wi-Fi 6 and NFC contactless technology. It is completely water and dust resistant. The iPhone 13 and 14 have a Lightning port for charging and data exchange while the iPhone 15 uses a more universal USB-C connector.

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