Introduced the new technical team to the national team

Introduced the new technical team to the national team

A particularly important day in an equally prestigious position for Italian sport, this day for our federation. At the Sala Giunta in CONI, President Giubilei and Sporting Director Simone Biava presented the entire team with the new technical staff of the Italian Triathlon Federation. The event was attended by CONI President Giovanni Malagò and CONI Secretary General Carlo Mornati. The work that started last season continues in the name of teamwork, which is the basic principle on which our future successes are based.

For the Triathlon in Italy, it is necessary to continue the teamwork that immediately aimed at developing our best talent and obtaining the results that our community has been waiting for for some time.– explained Vietri President Ricardo Giubelli. “This is the logic that prompted us to build a team that works in synergy between the High Level, Development District, Youth and Paratriathlon in coordination with the Director of Sports and Primary Support for a dedicated area for data analysis and training“.”Today, Vietri, thanks to the new technical team also presented, has all the tools to be among the national teams on the podium in Paris. – says Giovanni Malaggi, President of CONI – The presence of all technicians here signifies the new cycle aimed at fellowship and building a cohesive and elite team.“.”The passwords for the creation of the new area were development and growth– commented Simone Biafa, sports director of the federation – “As evidenced by the personal history and characteristics of the national technical team. The three directors of the High Level Areas Individual, Development and Youth will work in synergy with the aim of making the most of our best talent“.

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The show was attended by all the new FITri crew members for the 2022 season.

Julian Clonin: Senior Technical Director. A technician with significant international experience, he captained the national teams of Belgium, New Zealand and South Korea, and a member of the National Coaches Committee for the World Triathlon Championship (WT). He will be joined by Andrea D’Aquino and Manuel Canuto as national coaches and technicians with significant technical experience. Andrea Gabba: Head of the Italian Development Program. He will coordinate the structure overseeing the growth process in the transition to the U23 category with the support of coach Luigi Zanlungo. Alberto Casadey: Youth Technical Director. A reference for youth activities (youth and juniors) with the complete structure of regional technicians and macro area managers. And coach Luca Facinti will support him. Alessandro Bottoni: Coordinator of the Center for Data Analysis, Research and Training and Head of the Federal Technical Center in Rome. Mario Politi Paratriathlon Technical Director. A highly experienced technician in the Paralympics sector, he served as Technical Director of the Paralympic track and field team at the London and Rio Olympics. For the past four years he has been training for Fispes. Gianluca Cacciamanno will coordinate the Paratriathlon development sector.

Multi-sport sector

Stefano Davitt, Cross Triathlon Coordinator. Alberto Pucci, middle and long distance coordinator, assisted by coach Diego Buzzati. Andrea Compagnoni, Duathlon Sector Technician. Marco Petaz is technician in the Winter Triathlon sector with the support of Luca Aladio. Alessandro Corsini: Federal physician. The health staff will lead with doctors Oreste Sacchetti (Youth sector) and Pietro Picotti (Paratriathlon sector). Chief Physical Therapist, Myriam Monturi, with the support of Stefano Petti and Marco Montori

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