International stars flock to Jeddah to attend the Red Sea International Film Festival

International stars flock to Jeddah to attend the Red Sea International Film Festival

St. Petersburg: “National” fashion show, all for glory Russian President Vladimir Putinwas organized in St. Petersburg on Thursday evening, and the clothes were inspired by an exhibition by a famous painterKremlin ITitled “The President. A Man with a Soul Full of Kindness.”

Since Vladimir Putin came to power more than two decades ago, Russia has silenced almost all dissenting voices, imprisoning or forcing its main critics into exile.

The crackdown took on major proportions with the attack on Ukraine.

On Thursday, models walked out at a show in St. Petersburg, the president’s hometown, wearing T-shirts, T-shirts or pants decorated with stars, crowns and a picture of Vladimir Putin in bright colors in the style of pop art.

Illustrator Alexei Sergeenko, an admirer of the Russian strongman whose work inspired the collection, explained that he chose to show the crowns because he knew “the president will be elected again and again.”

“So I painted this picture that says we will have Putin for a long time and forever,” he told AFP on the sidelines of the military parade.

This is not the artist’s first attempt. In addition to the 2012 exhibition “The President. A Man with a Soul Full of Kindness”, he also created a two-metre-high gold relief representing himself on the occasion of Vladimir Putin’s 65th birthday.

The “patriotic” collection was conceptualized with the designers, according to a press release posted on Alexeï Serguienko’s website.

Andrei Nechaev, a 48-year-old businessman who came to the show with his family, said that the clothes presented fit well with the image of the president, who, according to him, is a “sporty and fashionable” leader.

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Presidential elections are scheduled for March 2024. At this stage, Vladimir Putin has not officially announced his candidacy, but there is no doubt about his desire to remain in the Kremlin.

Since the constitution was amended in 2020, he could theoretically remain in power until 2036. His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, estimated in October that the president “has no rival in Russia” and “cannot have a rival.”

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