International – In New Zealand, the federation was deemed “unqualified to achieve the goals,” according to an independent report

International – In New Zealand, the federation was deemed “unqualified to achieve the goals,” according to an independent report

On Thursday, an independent committee commissioned by the New Zealand Federation revealed a report that considered the federation “unqualified to achieve the goals.” This committee itself raises questions about the inappropriate and outdated nature of the organisation.

Bad news continues to rain in New Zealand: After the poor results achieved by the All Blacks last weekThe picture is getting darker for the union. An independent panel, set up last December by the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR), issued a report on Thursday on the body’s work. After many months of work, the team of experts qualified the union “Unable to achieve goals.” In essence, the report goes so far as to describe the NZR as outdated and unfit for the modern era.

“The New Zealand Professional Era Association is a large and complex project. The structure in which it operates was not designed for a project of this magnitude and complexity.” These are the words of lead rapporteur David Pilkington. In this report, the independent committee questions the organization of the federation and its financial continuity, as well as the efficiency of its board of directors, “Which in general (according to (191 people were interviewed for the report). “He is not qualified enough to provide the leadership the sport needs.”

It is recommended to create a council

Hence, the expert group identified two major changes that needed to be made within the NZR region in order for it to improve its performance in a sustainable manner. At first it is recommendedEnsuring the appointment of a competent and effective board of directors to manage the union.” The latter will be responsible for supervising the work and decision-making of the Union. Then a “Board of Directors” Allow all stakeholders “To have their voices heard and taken into account so that their interests are represented during a collaborative forum.”

The President of the Federation, Ms. Patsy Reddy, elected in December 2022, announced in the original request for this study that the Council would take the time to analyze this report, before “Consider all recommendations.

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