International Festival of Creole Literature Meeting place

International Festival of Creole Literature Meeting place

The results of this event are positive. The organizers evaluated the festival, Thursday, December 9, 2021, after a week of literary encounters. 1,500 people participated in the International Festival of Creole Literature from 1-5 December 2021 in Port-au-Prince and Saint-Marc.

Preparations are already underway for the fourth edition of the International Creole Literature Festival. Designer Anivince Jean Baptiste assembled his organization assessment team from 1-5 December 2021 in Port-au-Prince and Saint Mark.

The program was fully implemented, despite the difficulties faced by Haiti, as well as social unrest in the West Indies that forced the participants to intervene by video.

International Festival of Creole Literature in Haiti from 1 to 5 December 2021

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In Port-au-Prince and Saint Mark, the cultural representatives of books (authors – publishers – writers – poets) were collected in two locations. Festival directors intend to perpetuate the creole language, allow exchanges between different countries and provide information for young people.

The Entennasyonal Litérati Kréyol Festival is a gift from Haitian youth to the Creole-speaking world. 1500 people attended, lectures, debates and poetry readings… We focused on diversity with Lionel Troyo (Haiti) and guests of honor Inna Eluther (Guadeloupe) and Jude Durante (Martinique)

anivins john the baptist

President of the International Creole Literature Festival.

The conference, held under the honorary chair of writer Lionel Troy, welcomed two guests: Martinique Judd Durante and Guadeloupe Erna Eluter.

This literary event was a crossroads of meetings. Various cultural events brought together a large number of personalities and writers. The work began in the presence of the President of the Creole Academy Rodiga Dorsey d’Orville, as well as the representative of the administration of the University of Haiti, Lionel Sanon. Schools largely followed literary exchanges. It was also the wish of the management team.


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Schools participated in the monitoring of literary works

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Since the establishment of these literary meetings, OMDAC (The Martiniques Organization for the Advancement of Arts and Culture) has been part of the organization. Her work is part of the program, communication and awareness of authors and publishers in the international dimension.

The OMDAC Pavilion came in addition to the Haitian Publishing Pavilion, allowing a new, young audience to discover aspects of literary creativity from the entire Caribbean.

Yves Marie Seralin


In Haiti during the festival, Yves-Marie Ceralin, President of the Martiniqueux structure, announced his presence alongside the organizers of the 2022 Literary Meeting.

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