Intelligent design explained by science

Intelligent design explained by science

“All is for the best in the best of all worlds”a formula that has remained famous for naivety

Pangloss by Voltaire. Because we can see that the world is very well organized. Such perfection, such harmony could not be the result of chance! A design that through the centuries even interfered with science and put a pebble in Providence’s shoes.

The scientists’ agenda is to avoid resorting to supernatural explanations. from

DarwinThe history of life and the origin of man dispense with God. No watchmaker needed!

The arrival of smart design

In the mid-1990s, it came from the United States under the title “Smart design‘, which gives in French ‘dessein’ (meaning design) clever, without it being explicitly known who will hide behind it.

They say:Intelligent design theory asserts that certain properties of the universe and of living things are best explained by intelligent reason, rather than by an undirected process, such as natural selection.. It’s an old-fashioned finalist smeared with pseudo-scientific varnish, with borrowings from modern cellular and molecular biology in order to make it more serious.

The stated goal is to make the United States a

Christian theocracy. The strategy used is to pass the theological concept (providence) on to science so that it is taught in American public schools. How can we rationally refute this approach?

Epistemology: First Refutation

Science often faces complex questions, and when results come in, they can be difficult to interpret. If that is enough to hold a

supernatural reason, clever design Since I don’t know who, it is no longer worth making investigations. If The Grand Horloger could be mustered whenever something could be explained, that would suffice to identify the problem and then there would be no need for experimentation or tedious observations. Thus the so-called scientific part of intelligent design boils down to conveying the questions that science poses. But the specification of science is to explain the real world by appealing only to natural phenomena and things and not to supernatural forces that can be mustered at will.

“Nature Is Not Well Made”: The Second Appeal

François Jacob talked about “playing” with evolution and he was absolutely right.

Contemplating the living world, we get the impression that everything works great there, that is “Everything is the best of the best of all worlds,” Quote again

Voltaire. Closer observation shows us how right Jacob was. Animal anatomy is not “good”. The famous aortic arch that sometimes causes us so much anxiety is heresy. The aortic trajectory is indeed a fad for any sane engineer.

What is the strategy in the face of so many criticisms?

First of all, they do not appear to be associated with a particular religion, even if they are in fact found in the movement of the more conservative Christian churches in North America.

Second, it presented itself as a scientific theory. Except that, in the absence of scientifically and scientifically acceptable evidence, “intelligent design” works above all for criticism.

Criticism starts from the confusion of presentation

Darwinism As a philosophical position away from science. It brings to light details, if they may be complex, that are still topics of scientific debates, very real, to introduce skepticism, and to broaden the scope of the skepticism inherent in the scientific approach to reject all that has been validated. The process works: Journalists fall into the trap or defy timidity.

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