Instagram’s new tools to prevent harassment via direct messages

Instagram’s new tools to prevent harassment via direct messages

It’s a direct message filter that analyzes words, phrases and emojis, nip harassment in the bud and a tool that allows you to block offenders, even when creating profiles from scratch.

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The battle of the galaxy continues Facebook Against harassment and cyberbullying, this time with the arrival of new tools introduced to Instagram. latest news It will allow people to further protect themselves from unwanted and abusive private messages. Grandma will first allow Instagram to Learn about harassing private messages Starting with a series of words, phrases, and emojis that could indicate offensive content (it will also include some misspelled versions of these key terms, often used to try to evade filters).

The new candidate will also be able to Recognize malicious use of emoji It will be based on the list of content that Facebook will collect with the help of Anti-discrimination and bullying organizations. In addition, first person users will be able to add terms or emojis to their blacklist, so that the algorithm will proactively block them.

We want to respect people’s privacy and give them control over their experiences in a way that works best for themA Facebook spokesperson said On the company’s blog specify that “Using this feature does not share the content of DM requests with us, unless it has been reported“.

Secondly, Instagram will provide users with a choice Proactively block criminals, even when the latter tries to contact the user through a new account created specifically to circumvent previous blocks. The new proactive blocking functionality will already be available globally in the coming weeks while the functionality capable of filtering out more direct spam will initially be launched in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, before being rolled out globally in a few months.

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The feature that can block harassment messages will initially be implemented on Instagram, but Menlo Park’s goal is just that Also integrated on Messenger and WhatsApp By the end of the year, in order to ensure safer platforms for its users.

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