Instagram takes its steps back: the expected update will not come out

News for Instagram, which is retracing its steps and not releasing the long-awaited update. the details

Instagram may soon bid farewell to the long-awaited update. (Getty Images)

In recent weeks, a new project has been sticking out before Instagram That seemed ready to take hold: United Nations Social Network for Children. Specifically, it would have been the same platform, but intended for under-13s. Photos, Videos, Stories, Reels, etc .: Functions already known by users, but with Bigger restrictions for younger ones.

But it seems that something has changed. a Breakfast consists of 35 sets In fact, he claimed the suggestion of the giant Zuckerberg, and he sent an instant message with an explicit request: to cancel the envisioned project immediately. Here are the reasons and What could happen in the near future.

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Kids’ Instagram Never Sees the Light: Reasons for Stopping Update

Here are the reasons for this choice (Getty Images)

The news is not yet official, but we are close: Instagram for kids will never see the light. The modernization project launched by giant Zuckerberg has provided the birth of an identical but alternative platform, with greater risks and limitations protecting users under the age of 13. A coalition of 35 groups However, he sent a letter requesting to cancel the project. Reason? This app may tempt young people to look at pictures and moments of shame For your body image.

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Gathering family data and growing a generation of Instagram users can be a big thing for Facebook earnings as wellThey indicated Among others – the Africa Digital Rights Hub in Ghana, the Australian Council for Children and the Media, the Center for Digital Democracy in Washington, and the 5Rights Foundation in Great Britain.

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