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Instagram has increased the ability to share links in Stories for everyone

Instagram has announce Everyone will be able to include links in their stories on the social network, a function that until now was limited to verified accounts or with more than 10,000 followers. The option is rolled out and may therefore take a few hours to appear on all accounts.

Once the function is activated, to insert a link, simply create a new story and then select the stickers icon at the top right. Among the predefined labels, there will be a “Link” label, which will allow you to insert a link to a web page. The poster has been around since the summer and has replaced access to the link by “scrolling up” the story.


Instagram says the new option will particularly benefit businesses and stores, who will be able to link their products directly within Stories. The functionality will remain available to everyone and for the most diverse purposes, which is why the social network has made it clear that accounts that you do not legitimately use may be suspended or banned from the system. At the moment, Instagram has no intention of introducing links into other areas of its social network, such as the comment area for individual posts.

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